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    Boats, water(in the right spirit), talking bollox, listening to same, state-of-the-art boat equipment & methodology, Lister engines, Hampshire heaters, staying warm, AirHead composting toilets.

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  1. I've had a good few laughs on this thread but nobody has answered the question I posed. Is it normal to deviate from a Sharpness to Bristol transit by entering a submarine danger area in Le Manche? Have a look at www.pentargon.webs.com for my own solution ... and sorry, I missed this post by 24H. YESTERDAY was April1
  2. This is the purpose in my asking! I have heard that people who have used pilots have had engines burnt out. And there is a considerable cost involved. I believe £200 for a pilot to Portishead. £100 to overnight and £100 pilot to Bristol.
  3. Has anyone here ever done Sharpness to Bristol solo? There seems to be no published information on how.
  4. No! It is the [tidal] River Darent near Dartford in Kent ...
  5. Hello everyone. All your comments are noted and appreciated. I now have the info needed. The smoke is bluish and on wide water not so noticeable. I am taking on board Tony Brooks advice to check out the INJECTORS. My SR2 has never been revved in anger. Even coming down from Sharpness to Bristol on the tide I never used more than 1200rpm except to make my mooring outside Portishead! I've driven a boat with an ST2 and it was not happy unless the revs were above 2000. I was told that the ListerPetterTS2 is a crap engine but have not yet even SEEN one in a narrowboat. Yesterday I did a four hour stint with plenty locks. After an hour the SR was singing and the smoke negligible so I'm going with the theory that the lump was staying cold. Thanks again for the opinions. Just for the fun, I enclose a pic of Pentargon on her [tidal] mooring at Dartford in Kent and another on the Leicester Arm near the Watford stairs 5o show Tony what I mean by "all over England"
  6. It is possible that a deck modification done while hard-standing might mean the lump is not heating up nearly as quickly as it used. Maybe I'll do some experimenting. You tube is not very helpful really because most of the lumps on there have had extensive rebuilds and the posters are just showing off LOL
  7. Yes! The injectors are fine (I think) and I have been running the motor all over England for almost seven years now. I did think that after a recent six month lay-off on hardstand it was smoking a bit more when it went back into the Thames. . The smoke tends to be "blue".
  8. Ta Mike. I've come into London waterways and it seems smoky engines are likely to become a "bit of an issue". I've only noticed the smoke recently and it does clear up after an hour or two but in here, I hardly do an hour's cruising on a given day.
  9. Ta Richard. What's a likely budget for lifting my own SR2 out, having the rings etc done and putting it back? Or is that like like asking about the length of a piece of string?
  10. I have a Lister SR2 in a 36' Springer and I've seen a Lister ST2 which has slightly bigger ccs and power. How does the TS compare? And has anyone any views as to which is the best lump for a 36' narrowboat? Mine smokes a bit when cold and I don't know whether to have it done over or just buy another engine.
  11. My opinion, given your two supplied options, is to go for a narrowboat and less than 12meters. Whatever your budget, lay half it down on the actual boat itself. The amount of unforeseen expense in the buying of a boat is ALWAYS underestimated.
  12. OliveOyl i have seen something like that which was designed to catch rainwater. The little pipe at the back end on the gunnel had a tube on it and the collection tank was below the cruiser deck.
  13. All at sea. Having to totally re-learn how to work this site. trying to contact Waterbug and have no IDEA how. Waterbug this is Pentargon how do you read?

  14. "Canalability" at Harlow Town have "Red Watch" 68x12+ running regularly on the Stort. I have taken RW through the seven perils of Roydon for my CCCM. "Becky" (lives in Poplar Dock) has been to Hallingbury Mill.Read Mr.Bizzard's comments carefully. He is the MAAN. And Yes! Roydon Rail and Splebrook are the buggers
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