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  1. This is my thoughts too. It is a rocker switch and I assume it is now faulty, I will examine when I get a chance and add an extra switch if necessary ?
  2. On the switch it says. On/off/remo. Says same in the manual. Something made me think it was standby yesterday, but once again I stand corrected "said the man in the orthopedic shoes" ?
  3. Just a little update for everyone... It seems it is not an alarm at all. It is the inverter turning itself on when it's switch is off?! I realised this this morning. So my inverter is simply deciding by itself if it wants to be on or not. It has 3 switch settings on/off/remote... I have no remote fitted. So use just on/off. But atm on is on, and off is on or off with a mind of its own? Could it just be a wiring issue at the switch?
  4. Alan those are the exact ones I brought ? Even cheaper now ✌️
  5. Thanks Tony And thanks everyone else for ur input. We will be updating our battery bank asap and will go from there. Hopefully it's a simple glitch in the matrix and the inverter being shut down and rebooted will hopefully do the trick. Thanks again everyone. I will update in a week or so once the new bank is in and running.
  6. There is nothing about it in the troubleshooting section or any other section of the manual. It was my first port of call before canalworld. And it is something it has never done in the 3 years of living aboard. It even does it at night when there is nothing coming into the panel?
  7. 3 batteries at £65 each. So 26p per day. Look at it like that and it is a bargain. But a huge strain on the environment with batteries being thrown away every few years ?‍♂️
  8. I kinda thought as much tbh. But would a dodgy old battery really make the inverter act strangely like this? So my next plan is a set of new batteries. Any recommendations? Or stick with a disposable cheap sealed option? I'm wary of spending a huge amount if I could just as easily fry an expensive one ?
  9. Hi Tony. The batteries were new 2 years ago. And I must be honest here, but I have never checked the water levels in them ? But they are sealed batteries, so I'm unsure u can even top them up anyway?! U may remember us tbh Tony, as when I wired up my panels and new battery bank u were there to assist us near reading at the cunning man pub. Do U remember? You did us a huge favour that day and I still cannot thank you enough ✌️
  10. The batteries are under the stern deck with the engine. Then wired thru the bulkhead into the boat where the inverter is positioned. They are nearby but in separate areas ?‍♂️
  11. When the solar panels are disconnected the inverter stays quiet. But I'm unsure if it is an alarm as it has no pattern, it randomly beeps and lights flash differently in different sequences each time?! Using a multimeter the output was at 14.47. then we turned on the inverter and fridge and it is now currently at 13.4.
  12. We recently left the boat unattended for a week. During this week away one of our leisure batteries has fried itself, returned to horrible egg smell. So I disconnected it and now have a 2 battery bank instead of 3. I will replace them all in due time. It was incredibly hot and sunny while we were away so I assume it just over charged our bank. But surely that shouldn't have happened? Now we have another issue arise with our inverter... It's a waeco sinepower msp702. Basically, it's been beeping and flashing randomly when it is OFF?!! Once on it works fine, but when off it is still seeming to be a nuisance. Any guidance greatly appreciated as this is beginning to do my swede in! Should I disconnect the solar when im going away? I have a mppt fitted, a 210w panel, 2x 110ah batteries. Everything was fine until the boat was left for the week ?‍♂️
  13. Ok great idea. I will disconnect it and see what happens in a few weeks or less. Only a bilge pump running off it extra to the starter, and that's hardly ever in action (luckily). And yes the battery is old. It's been on since we got the boat so 2yrs +. But could be 20yrs ? Prob a new battery job tbh
  14. First time it happened is was sat for only two days. Now it's more like two weeks. Worried about replacing with a new battery and somehow draining it when plugged in?!?!
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