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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. All of the above PLUS IMHO I would avoid a private seller in this climate, I would avoid any over-reliance on electrics as it is VERY dependant on who fitted it - so gas gives you options - I would avoid vintage engines (even thought I've had loads and wouldn't buy a boat without one) unless you have some knowledge of the basic mechanicals In other words keep it SIMPLE Join RCR on day one of ownership Insist on LOADS of info and photos from any broker and if they resist ask yourself why Don't swerve having a survey (unless there is a very recent one and you can talk to the surveyor and hopefully transfer the "ownership" - that might restrict your broker/boatyard choices Have you shared your budget? Still possible to buy blind if you are very comfortable with the above - might be a bargain or two out there - I can certainly think of a few boats I would buy on the market today and others if they came up
  3. I reckon "cheap" (but not the cheapest on eBay) batts are good for 5 years on a boat that is well used and kept on trickle/solar charge when left is about right...……….. others will give you the techy stuff but in my 50 odd years boating that's been about as good a guide as I need.
  4. Yes but I hit this "notice/limit" yesterday so why is it not allowed today and my reactions are varied not all greenies. I will desist for a while and see what happens in a couple of days time - thanks all...……………….
  5. Join RCR and then you've got the job done and peace of mind for your first 12 months whilst you learn about your new boat app £150 well spent
  6. Totally agree its a manoeuvring aid not a navigation aid - I used to know a boat where the steerer used one all the time to go around bends on a "normal" canal - that's EVERY bend! SHORT cables and proper manufacturers original equipment slow blow fuse if you haven't got one already
  7. OK but this looks like a "forum" notice...…………..
  8. I've tried to add "reactions" both yesterday and today and I get a message saying I cant - NOT important in the scheme of things but is this normal - I would guess I only add app 6 a day?
  9. So you IMHO are "attended" as much as I am! Once in 16 years - pretty amazing batteries!
  10. Unattended is interesting term if there is a manager on site I would say it attended...…………aren't you at Earlswood Club??
  11. a) it can always be repaired you could talk to Andy at PRM for his thoughts if they are working b) IMHO yes c) loads but not relevant here - unless you would like to re-assure us your wide-beam is based on an appropriate waterway Have fun and don't panic...……………...lots of help about - that's we are boaters...………………………….. General comment for all - why do some recent posters feel the need to start with "I've got/just bought a wide beam" rather than I've just bought a boat - I wouldn't start with "I've just bought a Tug" - Is it marketing based??
  12. Interesting idea a "T" gauge layout on a Toshiba laptop - very portable
  13. WELCOME aboard - PLEASE use the excellent search facility on here before asking too much as (no disrespect intended) so much gets repeated its boring for those of us trying to help - you will get much more from all of us if you show you have put some effort in to finding answers first. "Quite" a well known and much better looking boat in fact - I think the name Pinnock is what you may be referring to...………………….
  14. No surely its the way we are handling it that is the April fools joke...……………………...
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