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  1. Never used crates before - recently used one with our latest 10 month old springer rescue and its brilliant he loves it and it saves loads of hassle - easiest house training I've ever been through - car travel also no problem.
  2. CRT have just updated to say 9-3 opening hours eff 4th April and please pass on tickover - BUT not supervised any more so if users want it to stay open SLOW down. Is anyone actually near there to say what is happening on the ground not just with the canal but with the road works above?? We were hoping to go that way to Stourport and back in app 2weeks - which we do every year as a sort of post winter shake down cruise to check the boat and our memory of things needed on board or forgotten - but wont risk it if there is any doubt about the return journey.
  3. A belated well done and good luck with your move - we have moved with dogs at least 20 times and I have to say never had a problem. Tips if they are worthy of that - good fencing to keep him contained so he knows his boundaries, if possible put his bed in its permanent place, make sure he has toys and knows where his food is and if a house is a big lifestyle change from a boat just be aware that he is probably going to want to feel secure and not overwhelmed by the space now available. I look forward to seeing contributions from others...………...
  4. Halsey

    TV sets

    FYI I've just changed the ad - I will post it for +£10
  5. Halsey

    TV sets

    I have a Cello for sale on the for sale pages
  6. Halsey

    12v TV sound

    Thanks all but I think an Avtex will solve my problem ………………...thanks Thanks I'm on the case!
  7. Halsey

    12v TV sound

    Thanks for that …………………….🙂 Which particular model do you have ??
  8. Halsey

    12v TV sound

    Thanks all for your contributions - at least I now know there isn't a better TV out there that I hadn't found - I'm not sure what the solution will be from here but have a feeling it might be a slightly reluctant use of a sound bar! Lets move on - what recommendations for SMALL (preferably long and thin rather than square boxe) sound bars under £100 likely to fit behind the TV in the "triangle" created by the TV sitting across the end of the galley worktop - I assume to maintain charge they need to plug in via USB or HDMI socket? Thanks
  9. Halsey

    12v TV sound

    Definitely NOT intended to be harsh - what I perhaps should have said was that "not unexpected" meant I have read enough on here to appreciate that the answers many people have provided were what I expected - sound bars and 230v tv's will provide a solution but that's not what my OP asked for - there is always the hope that someone has solved the problem in a different way. Apologies if I have offended anyone...……………..
  10. Halsey

    12v TV sound

    Fair question ..................space and power consumption albeit minimal - mainly the available space where I choose to place the TV
  11. I was doing the same with the same tipple at the same time …………...
  12. I must admit I don't like Aga's on boats 😂
  13. Halsey

    12v TV sound

    Thanks for all this guys but I'm not actually getting any alternative suggestions which is disappointing but not unexpected - I don't want 230v and don't want to use a sound bar. Perhaps the Cello will stay - picture VG!
  14. Halsey

    HR2 starting

    When I pull it up it springs back immediately so has it "jumped" without me knowing?? Revs might be the issue as I don't like overrevving cold engines Thanks Sounds like revs is the issue …………………...
  15. Halsey

    HR2 starting

    Hi, I have tried both - and compression off is easier - I think I am probably not running/starting on high enough revs but was curious as to the way to use the "mechanism" - my last 2 set ups were 24v starting so perhaps that's why I am noticing the difference also I understand that the blackstone box creates drag. Its not that it doesn't start it just doesn't start crisply and doesn't inspire confidence even though it gets there in the end also MY impression is that it might be over fuelling without the lever in use but I am assured its not by both Jono and Ian at JD - not a major problem just trying to canvass opinion from experienced hands...……….
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