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  1. Painting - cabin sides

    we used dulux weathershield many years ago applied with a mohair roller it wasn't a fantastic shiny gloss finish but it was easy to apply and lasted very well 5+years
  2. Value of 2LW + PRM

    I thought they were Indian - great with mint yoghurt had some last night Tony at Tollhouse had one for sale a year or so ago They do appear on fleabay every now and again - weren't they Norwegian Fishing boat favourites?
  3. Value of 2LW + PRM

    And OP - that's an opinion from someone who really knows the answer to your question - very through. I agree - removable side fenders on Persia were essential on Nene and Thames - all publicity is good publicity - she is a gorgeous boat
  4. Revenge of the Beast from the East (Part 2)

    I did wonder who might pick up on that !
  5. Revenge of the Beast from the East (Part 2)

    6" here in Leominster and still snowing hard - yes I do know there isn't a canal in Leominster - I'm sure I saw that duck though - perhaps he was flying south for the winter!
  6. Value of 2LW + PRM

    Having just gone through this thought process with our latest purchase - if you like the boat and it is designed to take a proper engine the IMHO a 2LW is worth a premium over many alternatives out there - our decision was based on 2cyl being preferable, spares availability, support and cost - IMHO on that basis the only viable futureproof 2 cyls are 2LW and DM2 as Listers do seem to be harder to get bits for and take longer to get serious work done and the JP2 whilst it is a lovely engine is physically quite big. Many other options exist with their respective fan base - this was just our conclusion and reflects what we did. Reflecting Mikes point I agree if you can find a nice boat with a JD3 in it and make the swap that will work financially and on resale and there are a couple out there now Not sure what boat you are after but have you seen Batavia at Braunston IMHO that with a 2LW in it would be a great boat. We definitely gave a lot of thought as to what engines are going to be well supported in 5 years time as this aspect of our hobby is changing quite rapidly.
  7. Non refundable deposit

    No way would a reputable broker continue to market a boat after a price has been agreed and a deposit paid - IME after 40 years of dealing in property at all levels and values pre contract deposits are not normal in house purchase transactions unless a very nominal £250 on a new estate just to get rid of tyre kickers. Never lost money on a boat yet - I'd call that an investment.................
  8. Non refundable deposit

    you may not want to say but who is the broker ........................ read the document very carefully you may find there is a get out against an unsatisfactory survey and or sea trial at the buyers discretion without any value set - I have and have successfully retrieved deposits in the past but this is getting to be less likely - as others have suggested 10% non refundable with a value set against it is too high and needs negotiating downwards brokers aren't gods they are acting on their clients behalf and their clients are often more reasonable.
  9. Slipways River Severn

    Contact Mal at Stourport (Tingdene) Marina they have a good slipway and cranage facilities and can help with unbeatable road deals with a local (over the road) haulage contractor - as a team they shipped a 30ft Dutch steel motor cruiser for me a few years back from York to Stourport no issues - all good honest working guys who will do deals
  10. Aldi "Special Boating Offers" 25th March

    Have you found him now??? More snow coming! Did you mean to say "bog" standard??
  11. Brokers

    James is equally as good perhaps not so much of a broker more a sellers agent - Dom was a bit of a one off.
  12. It is a busy canal and the "timings" various bodies might suggest might well be out so allow plenty of time and don't try to do to much - and I know it sounds obvious but do remember you have to turn around and go back - as others have said there's nothing worse than pushing on in the rain to catch up for your handover - better to spend more time in the pub after all its all about the journey NOT the destination Enjoy......................
  13. Brokers

    I'm not prepared to give detail but suffice to say a while back Great Heywood sold a boat to a staff member for less than I offered - they are car salespeople who know nothing about customer service or boats and the accuracy/value of their website is a joke - and .................. you have to be in some sort of private club to be allowed (by appointment only) to buy from them?? If buying you still need to be dealing with an honourable broker who you can trust to be representing the situation honestly - my recommendations still apply.
  14. Moving on red flags

    The Nene is first and foremost a flood relief system not a navigation
  15. New covers - great job

    OK but not back at boat until Saturday weather permitting......................