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  1. Halsey

    Help me out please.

    Sorry to disillusion you but that is irrelevant - brand new or very old leaks are still a fact of life on a boat - not saying you have one just try to be sure you haven't - does the level change with rain or when you are using the shower/washing machine etc what is the water all about does it taste is it fresh, dirty, rusty, bluish (antifreeze) from c/htg rads engine etc etc - all simple checks but worth eliminating - has this issue only arisen now its getting cold?
  2. Halsey

    Marina smoke pollution

    Leave the marina, save money, be healthier and experience the system😉 Ask the marina if you could quietly move to another berth away from a liveaboard ??
  3. Halsey

    Help me out please.

    IMHO any area where you expose raw cold steel to heat and moisture you will get condensation - I would put the cover back to reduce the amount of heat/moisture getting to the steel but I may be wrong - others here will correct me - interesting question. Sorry to add to worries but this clearly assumes you are happy it isn't a leak??
  4. These guys are great and the boats are fun it will certainly give you a different perspective
  5. Halsey

    DEFRA Working Party into Boats Used As Accommodation.

    Couldn't agree more and well put just so long as the 300 miles is a journey and not Watford to Ricky and back and so on...……… Isnt a floater someone who wants access to schools and GP's without having to move any more than 20 mins every other Friday night to dump rubbish and fill up with water?
  6. Halsey

    Boat windows

    Where were you getting that from then - sounds like a good forum we should join😂
  7. Halsey

    Dr Bobs new paint job.

    Just needs a coat of clear and it I'll be trendy and retain its patina and be a true "restomod" Gas Monkey style (for those in the know)!
  8. Halsey

    Welford Wharf - scaffolding on the old canal buildings

    IF they are listed contact the local authority conservation officer he/she he will know if NOT there is nothing you can do.
  9. Halsey

    Tiller arm making

    If you have got the budget and your boat is nr Braunston then Roger @ Ivybridge or if a lower/less budget ask Dave at Granthams Bridge they may do it but if not he will know someone I'm sure
  10. Halsey

    Bit of an Elsan rant.....

    That is exactly what I thought as I read it...…………..totally agree with the OP but at least its a rare occurrence
  11. Halsey

    Planning to take the plunge

    Good decision - out of 11 boats over 30 years the only one which caused us problems was a new one!
  12. Halsey

    Planning to take the plunge

    FYI - the last 3 DH's sold (last 3 months) went for sub £65k - there was a nice one close to you on the Severn - Viscount? Also, and some will shout me down, but IMHO JP2's are getting expensive to look after
  13. Halsey

    Planning to take the plunge

    I know of tug which carries a Harley Trike on the front and its works well!!
  14. Agreed but with a short boat a rope that was long enough to be of any use as requested would go around the prop The back rope should be on the slide😉
  15. Halsey

    Planning to take the plunge

    Please don't get into the "I can go up there with this" fat boat brigade. You will have a MUCH happier time if you fit and don't challenge IMHO the 57ft myth is exactly that we have cruised very happily in 60ft+ for nearly 30 years so go for extra length rather than width. Tugs work well with dogs if you are happy to use the under deck area as a kennel - we have done that with 4 dogs very successfully. Make the decision to go narrow and then decide on length style engine room etc - don't dismiss engine rooms they are a godsend in wet weather when you have a pile of wet clothes, wet dog towels and your shoes to dry - they are like having a warm utility room available. I'm guessing that budget isn't a major issue for you??

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