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  1. Halsey


    IMHO no-one with any empathy with our waterways and the degree to which they are changing is going to encourage wide-beams on the Oxford canal which I think was the responders main point as he didn't make a GU reference - in my direct experience wide-beam marina dwellers often think its nice to go outside...……………………………... PLEASE stick to the GU, Thames or K&A
  2. Halsey

    Keeping a non-shiny look

    Sorry for the obvious question (to me) but can't your painter advise you - surely it must be possible as it can be done with cars (spray painting) where you use a basecoat and clearcoat and simply omit the clear - I'm surprised Mr Moore of this parish hasn't come across it so perhaps it isn't common but when you get there I will be interested to see the answer as we are going to paint Zulu this year and definitely don't want a glossy finish. Craftmasters (other brands are available) Raddle Red traditionally isn't glossy simply has a nice lustre to it.
  3. Halsey

    New pup on the boat

    Is this explained anywhere - is it a new feature??
  4. Halsey

    Another Thames Mooring Dispute

    Just another example of a small (but increasing) number of newcomers to our waterways arriving for all the wrong reasons mucking it up for the rest of us - nothing will be done except they will tell their like minded mates how great it is and the mooring will end up overpopulated by breasting up - they will end up being kicked off and will move on with a huge chip on their shoulders about their "rights" being ignored and cause problems elsewhere...…………..
  5. Halsey

    New pup on the boat

    BUT ………………….what's it all about and why?? Did we get any info about this and what its for - I'm not bothered by it I would just like to understand
  6. Halsey

    New pup on the boat

    if you review Dartagnan's dog related posts and replies you will get a lot of good advice Have I missed something what are all these vote up arrows in the top left hand corner all about and the new "answer this question" boxes???
  7. Halsey

    kelvin k3 in a modern 63 foot tug

    It is the one I thought it was - not my cup of tea...………………………….
  8. Halsey

    kelvin k3 in a modern 63 foot tug

    I don't do "Twitbook" but if its the one I think it is built by Coutler?? its been for sale for ages - its big issue is draft.
  9. Halsey


    Welding is the only "proper" way - any sort of filler runs the risk of water being trapped where it hasn't truly bonded to the steel which in a "pit" is even harder to achieve without trapping air and a failed bond
  10. Halsey

    Fazeley Marina

    That's Alvecote its just that its by Malcolms house not his basin/marina
  11. Halsey

    Fazeley Marina

    Alvecote, Streethay possibly Fradley and Glascote and I think Debbies day boats (just around the corner from you) will lift out for sensible money
  12. JP's post is excellent and almost a copy of what would have been my recommendations - I would add the fish and chip shop in Swinden and or Compton if that's on your final route (may not be) Namaste is the "go to" Indian in Stourport, the pub NEXT DOOR to Weatherspoons at Merry Hill, sadly I have to agree avoid Kidderminster which should be so much better BUT it does have 2 v good supermarkets on the canal - please ignore any gossip about Stourport it attracts ill founded bad press but is a good stop and I speak as former land resident - The Black Star is VG.
  13. I agree - if you stop and walk there is another roadside pub called the Tardebigge in the opposite direction Queens Head is better but the other might be closer You will have done one lock to achieve this anyway as the moorings (for 4) are after the tunnel and below the lock - it is the most daunting as its VERY deep but hey that's part of the trip - I don't think I agree with the comment about only 2 boats in the Severn locks but I'll defer to others...………………………….
  14. There are great pubs on the flight which will give you options depending on your actual timing The Queens Head, The Boat and Railway and the Rising Sun all good and recently visited. Be prepared to moor paired (breasted) up so as not to take up scarce moorings at these prime locations. My advice would also be not to moor on the canal in Worcester, with 4 boats you will do much better to get on to the river itself and go a very short way upstream to the Racecourse - you will generally find sufficient mooring space and still have very easy access to the town A great cruising "together" opportunity comes on the River Severn itself as the locks will accommodate you all at once so that will work for you and those around you. IMHO don't plan the fun out of it - work out a rough idea of how many hours a day you need to do to complete the trip keep 1/2 day in hand and then work with that as an average. A very good old school map is "Principal Inland Navigations" produced by Lockmaster cost app £5 and after 50 years cruising I have never found its timing to be wrong in normal cruising conditions.
  15. I would agree do Tardebigge first - great cruising route choice - but please be aware of other boats around you, 4 boats truly travelling "together" can be quite a bottleneck so try to think of yourselves as 4 individuals, esp on the Tardebigge flight, start off with a decent time between you and don't wait for one another at every lock etc just get on with your individual journeys and share your experiences at the end of the day that way your fellow travellers will engage with you more and you will learn more and will have more to share in the pub when you get together again. Enjoy - there are plenty of good pubs on that route...……………………..😉

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