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  1. Enjoy - I'm really missing our boat even after only 2 weeks - I'm envious that's a nice trip. Don't worry about that prat in no 10 he hasn't got a clue what he's doing and I for one am far less interested in keeping to the law/regs now than I was - just use your own common sense as I know you have been and keep safe. Until he fully closes the pubs I'm really not listening any more J
  2. Totally agree if you think its a noise then its not for you ............ Go and see it - you cant judge romance/emotion from a distance
  3. as you say - go and "see, touch and feel" it! as with all boats 30secs is all you need to make that connection - just don't let the buyer see it on your face!
  4. OK my mistake I see what you mean now................
  5. I think what you mean is you can't use an instantaneous heater to heat a tank of water - you can and I certainly have use both on your boat as each is intended within the regs Some people see "simple" as hard work I have always seen "simple" as basic and therefore less to go wrong/maintain/expense As with this boat (and marmite) its down to personal choice Don't agree and nor does Malcolm Braine and/or Peter Nicholls to name a couple who know more than we ever will - the only difference can only be ballasting/weight distribution and its effects
  6. Cyclists Are Rightful Travellers - just came to me A variation on the old standard Cyclists And Ramblers Trust
  7. Even better in this configuration as you can hear it AND see it whilst you are journeying and the "drying room" is seperate from the rest of the boat so on hot days the boat doesn't get hot from engine use .
  8. Where does it say its got a mooring - unless its just the marina - that's not a benefit to you.
  9. I think the lesson here is not that canals are bad places but that you need to tie up better - if you are leaving your boat unattended always leave it tied up with with chains and pref padlocks and tied to armco style edgings. How did you get to it??
  10. If its got question marks then, at that age, don't buy it - IF its good then IMHO 40-45 is unrealistic 45-50 is probably more like it Is there more work yes but not a lot unless you just want a floating flat and that is your base line There's NO vibration if the engine is right but you do have to like the sound and see that as a positive Using trad (twin) controls is again a joy or a curse depending on your viewpoint - to me it completes the package This boat isn't for everyone but it looks a beauty to me esp with its pedigree - research, try it, then survey/survey and survey again! Have fun
  11. We did that as well and on inspection the conclusion was she/it needed to be sent off apparently a captive bolt had also sheared on an ext cable related bracket and needed attention - this was long before there was any suggestion of her being for sale and came from two opinions.
  12. I know where you are coming from but no we had already replaced that - he will probably live with it but the general view was the reverse lever (?) in the sterndrive was probably the problem which means taking the whole unit off and sending it away .............. She also needed a new canopy to properly finish her off and that was another £2.5k!
  13. Sorry only just seen this Q it was a Perkins D3 on this boat - very good versatile power unit but not strictly traditional
  14. I think there is/was too much canal heritage in my blood to ever get used to it - we fitted a hydrofin which totally transformed it for a £200 investment but it was always so twitchy on the throttle - the mechanic who bought her said the only way to resolve the clunky throttle would involve app £1.5k of expenditure so time to part company.......................
  15. Small world. - I know that boat from MANY years ago when it moored on the driveway to a very posh house on the Birmingham and Worcester canal somewhere near Droitwich.
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