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Kev's Halcyon

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  1. Kev's Halcyon

    Aire and Calder Kings Road Lock

    Hopefully that's a typo and should be 25/06?
  2. Kev's Halcyon

    Fat tyre, again, and again....

    Take the tyre off and run your fingers carefully around the inside and check for anything protruding in, could be a bit of flint, or glass. Do not put a tyre back on with tyre levers, you stand a very good chance of nipping the tube and causing another puncture, if it's hard work, use a bit of talcum powder. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SLIME-SEALANT-PUNCTURE-PROTECTION-UNIVERSAL-TYRE-INNER-TUBE-MTB-ROAD-KIDS-PRAM/362146626094?hash=item54519efa2e:m:mpxl-5fv0JP73hmLrZgsrFw This the slime being talked about, don't like it myself, but I do know people who swear by it.
  3. Wish I could have done it this quick, 3 hours condensed to 30 seconds!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Auooy89K6TA
  4. Kev's Halcyon

    Boat name: Punning assistance required.

    I know I'll be asked about the name I've chosen for the new boat, it will be called KenDorR, the capitals are important. My initials are KDR, dad was called Kenneth and mam was called Dorrieon, so I managed to mix their names in with my initials. Possibly doesn't help the op, but might give some ideas.
  5. Kev's Halcyon

    Registering a sailaway?

    KenDorR, my new build, should be ready to sail to marina possibly this weekend. Anyone know who I should ring to sort out getting her registered, obtaining an index number and then licensed? I've looked on the C&RT site, but can't see where the information would be. Thanks Kevin
  6. Kev's Halcyon

    Grantham canal

    Just been on Look North, 4 gates are going in today, that's another lock which will hold water soon. I noticed for the first time, the new Nocholson guide has the Grantham canal listed. They've a long way to go, but a big heads up to the volunteers working hard there.
  7. It's a bit misleading. Cooper Bridge is actually on the River Calder, not a Huddersfield Canal. Not sure which part they were on, but probably the cutting which bypasses the weir and leads to the lock. Still very sad and a mystery though.
  8. Kev's Halcyon

    Overreaction ? ( Did I Have A Choice )

    Before I retired from teaching, I had both a black board and a white board in my room. I was told by management that I should refer to the black board as a chalk board, I asked what I should refer to the white board as. For some reason, I wasn't given a credible answer!!
  9. Kev's Halcyon

    Barrus Shire 40, waterless coolant

    That was my thought, says it's good for 20 years. I think you do, but with it being a new engine, won't that be the case?
  10. I'm currently having a new shell built and will be installing a Barrus Shire 40 engine. I've seen information on various motoring programs about waterless coolant. Evans do a marine coolant, info here http://www.evanscoolants.co.uk/Coolants/Heavy Duty/marine_cool_hd I can see the advantage of being able to use something with such a long life in a new engine, but would like some advice from those with more experience than me. Thanks Kevin
  11. Kev's Halcyon


    I switch mine on when needed. Can't see it doing any harm, other than draining the batteries, but they will be topped up by the alternator, which will have to work harder and will probably, therefore, use more diesel.
  12. Kev's Halcyon

    Gainsborough Pontoon moorings

    Unfortunately, it's half-term holiday, so they're not in school.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0eEqeizNCA
  14. Kev's Halcyon


    You can't run Microsoft Office on a Chromebook, although there are various apps available to give you something near. I use office at home, but on Halcyon with the Chromebook, I use Google word and sheets. These allow you to convert easily between the 2 different platforms. Not sure about Paintshop Pro, but you must stop thinking of Windows program's because a Chromebook doesn't run Windows. Have a look on the google app store to see what is available. Kevin
  15. Kev's Halcyon


    Go and do it. I went from West to East a couple of years ago, did the trip single handed and, apart from through the tunnel, I only saw 1 moving boat, and that was at lock 3 in Huddersfield. A good story there, the boat owner asked me how far the tunnel was. I told him only 7 miles, but that will take a good 2 days. He pointed out that his Nicholson Guide showed it was just around the corner! When I looked, they were using a 1999 version, which was before the 'narrows' re-opened!! I advised that he should ring the tunnel number and tell them that he wouldn't be getting there the next day and re-book for later in the week! The moral here is to make sure your navigation notes are up to date.

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