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Kev's Halcyon

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  1. Kev's Halcyon

    Making lock gates

    Interesting video from 'Cruising the cut' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGucbWhD5s8&t=301s
  2. Kev's Halcyon

    Propshaft turning at idle

    Perkins 4108 with PRM 150. Most of the time my propshaft is perfectly still, just occasionally the propshaft does turn in neutral. I decided a while ago that it was nothing to be concerned about. Kevin
  3. Kev's Halcyon


    It is strange, there was a bit more on Look North tonight, they filmed on the boat, yes it's been quite well trashed, but there was no mention of faeces on the floor, or any mention of the smell. There are, however, photos of the boat going through Lincoln, which one would assume are now with the police.
  4. Kev's Halcyon


    This has just been reported on BBC Look North which showed the inside and interviewed the boat owner.
  5. Kev's Halcyon

    Before the internet...

    Simple answer is, you wouldn't have, but also, you wouldn't know that there was any up to date information, so you'd be non the wiser.
  6. Kev's Halcyon

    Can’t help wonder what the story behind this is ...

    Apart from the actual shell! It looks to be quite a new boat.
  7. Kev's Halcyon

    Driffield boat jumble

    Hope nobody else trecked there this morning to find absolutely nothing!! Checking the website, showed it was cancelled and updated on Thursday! Don't suppose anyone knows why?
  8. Kev's Halcyon

    Polishing Brass

    I've found this to be very good https://www.tripeek.com/
  9. Kev's Halcyon

    How to replace a pane of glass

    Mine come out in 1 piece, then 2 screws hold in the horizontal piece. You might need to buy new seals, try these http://www.sealsdirect.co.uk/ Kevin
  10. Kev's Halcyon

    Tax and insurance on a new build

    Thanks folks, starting to build up my knowledge base :-) Kevin
  11. Halcyon has been a good little boat and taught me a lot over this past 4 years, but the time has come to have a new boat built. I'm only having a shell with an engine made, it's my project to complete everything else. The steel is ordered and paid for, so the build should start within the next couple of weeks. It's being built only a mile away from my home marina. When the steel is finished, I'll have about 7 days to start on the interior, fit the windows and vents and get her water tight, we'll then launch and drive the mile or so to home base. Once there, all my personal things will be taken off Halcyon and placed onto new boat, which will be called KenDorR. Once this is done, KenDorR will be taken out of the water and placed on the hard standing while I get the fit-out started. I'm hoping then to have enough done to be put back in the water and go cruising in the summer. So 1) Do I need to tax KenDorR as soon as she is first launched, even though she will be on dry land 'till July? 2) I'm assuming I should get insurance straight away, but should I value as a shell or as a completed boat? 3) Do I need to go to C&RT for a number, or is that done through the marina? 4) and how much does the number and registration cost? I know it's the wrong forum, but just a heads up that Halcyon will be for sale soon, if anyone is looking for a cosy little 36' cruiser stern which sleeps 3 adults, or 2 adults and 2 children and has (my opinion) been well looked after and updated for 4 years. PM me if you would like any further info. Kevin
  12. Kev's Halcyon

    PayPal scam

    I have a yahoo email set up for things such as Paypal, it is also set up under a word and a number, not an actual name. My general email address is under my name and uses my name. So, anything from paypal which is genuine will come to my yahoo account, anything which comes to my general email is simply deleted. I find it works well.
  13. Kev's Halcyon

    Leisure Moorings on The Chesterfield Canal

    Having visited last year, I'd just like to give a big thumbs up to everything C Rose has written. I'd also add that the Trent should be given the respect it deserves, but Torksey to West Stockwith is quite an enjoyable trip, as is Keadby to West Stockwith. If nothing else, The Chesterfield should be on your radar for a visit.
  14. Kev's Halcyon

    RIP Mr Dodd.......

    Top bloke, wonderful comedian, sleeping now in the jam butty mines.
  15. Kev's Halcyon


    And, let's be fair, playing golf is a waste of a good walk :-)