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  1. The only time I have received a e.mail saying I had overstayed was when I was on a winter mooring I had paid for.
  2. vidamay


  3. Hi Mike, missed you at Crick. We were helping with the moorings there. Hope to see you at Fairport Festival. (Tina , Purple Haze)
  4. I have a winter mooring but still received an e.mail saying I had over stayed. CRT later apologized & said my details hadn't been updated to "the system" Today I caught a crt employee taking down the boat details- it still hadn't been updated! He also didn't notice that I had a permit in the window.
  5. Myself & my partner gave up our mooring at the end of March & became CCers. We have received nothing untoward from CRT so far. Is it because they are incompetent & don't get around to all the new CCers or do we have that to look forward to I wonder.
  6. As a boater & a cyclist I find it very useful to use the towpath to get to public transport safely. The type of cyclists referred to,are objectional people whatever they do.
  7. Thanks David. Looks ok now.
  8. Yes I don't know why I can't access all parts of this site. I can contact her & tell her you are looking for her - that you will be at Cropredy
  9. I presume you have her mobile no. If not I could ring her.
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