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  1. Thanks, I think that during pump out, I restricted the air vent and this must have caused a bit of a vacuum in the tank, probably killing the gauges pressure sensor. Disconnected now. The Gobios system works a treat. Not cheap but will,prob not fail, so easily. Thanks
  2. Hello i have the MSC waste gauge fitted on my 400 litre waste tank, it started to give odd readings so I installed the Gobious system, externally, brilliant. However the old one still does work but recently it just shows a full scale all the time. The tank Is now empty, is there an easy way to recalibrate the MSC gauge to show zero too?
  3. Sorry, yes, I forgot. I just wanted some help and advice. I forgot I had to do lots of discussion!
  4. Yes, I used the 12V boat group on Facebook and rely on the usually very fast response from the guys on there. I also try to give answers as I believe it should be helpful. There are plenty of other places (viz Facebook, Twitter) for folk to vent spleens and have a go at each other. My Do Eric seems to be behaving a bit better but cut out again when trying to do a machine wash whilst on the go. so will get it checked out
  5. Sorry, apologies. Yes, not my original thread but things do seem to go off topic quite quickly! Thanks for the help and banter.
  6. Um, this was my topic and if you wish to help, then fine if not ...
  7. Tricky to get inside. Can't see any foam filters. Have vacuumed underneath. top fan seems ok and spins
  8. Hi, yes, we're not desperate (yet) as I said it does come back on and works for the rest of the day. we have 660Ah AGM batteries so they take 90A for about an hour before decreasing ... yes, if we were stuck we could use the starter battery alternator! i think a brush thru to remove built up dust, dog fluff on its heat sink might be the first port of call, if I can get inside it and then maybe a service From cox auto - new brushes kit be in order
  9. My travel pack seems to switch itself off, no red or green light. I'm guessing its a thermal cut out as it does come back on. It was delivering 1250 Watts into the leisure batteries at the time. Bit concerning as it's the only means of recharging the leisure batteries. We're going thru Atherstone in a few weeks and will look up Cox auto!
  10. Yes, agree with the above. We went a few years ago. A very good trip. last bit has lots of rubbish in t'canal owing to the fact not many boats cruise it but the entry into the city is amazing! theres lots on me blog plus videos of the last day oh and you have to book your week with crt
  11. We live on our 65 foot Aqualine and don't find it too restrictive. I've cruised most of the canals that our boat won't fit as a hirer. We have friends on the nb Clara, who have a big purpose built cratch that takes their Harley! It even has a lift! So any things possible. A sofa is more comfy and more friendly when others come visiting plus you can store stuff - very important! Have a look around and chat to folk.
  12. We have the stick on window catches - fitch type, see pic. They are glued on with the type of glue you use for rear view mirrors. Pretty good but they do come off. I can't seem to find anywhere that sells them. one pinged off and must have gone overboard cos we can't find it!
  13. Shardlow replied to my email, many never reply, £10 apparently, so I'll pencil them in for later!
  14. My MCS gauge failed, and despite me taking it out & "blowing it thru" , ? it never worked again Daft arrangement IMHO, as it relies on pressure and is bound to get fouled someday. it did work perfectly for years. Installed the Gobious system (got a big discount at Crick show) and since this is external, should never fail. So far so good. With a 400 litre tank it will take us months to fill, but then we can choose where to get the pump out, hence the original question. Sawley sounds good. Have emailed them and Shardlow but no reply, yet. Ditto Castle Marina. Thanks formall The replies. Steve
  15. One of the best pump outs was at Oxley marina, bottom of the Shroppie, where Orpheus Mable did the job all by himself , no timer here and a good rinse all for £12.50.
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