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  1. Vintage engine

    OK mate just drop me details and price etc
  2. Vintage engine

    Hi Richard have spoke to your company and have had a quote thank-you
  3. Vintage engine

    OK Mike thank-you for asking . And Alan yes very much agree I'm not going to rush buying and will view as much as possible and getting good info is a must . I was in touch with a place down south real diesels I recall and they have a ha2 fully refurbished and a new prm gearbox but 6K abut of a shock lol. I'm having all new bathroom and my hot water system fitted at minute and then paint shop booked in August so I'll either put something in just before or after the paint.
  4. Vintage engine

    OK Mike if you could pm the details .be much appreciated thank-you
  5. Vintage engine

    Thank-you all I'll give them a call and also how much is the hrw2 going for.
  6. Vintage engine

    Ideally I'd like something with gearbox and ready to just drop in and go and looks nice
  7. Vintage engine

    Ha2 I think or similar
  8. Vintage engine

    Where is the best place to find a Lister or equivalent vintage engine with gearbox etc as the one I was getting was sold yours andy
  9. My boat

    Hi all firstly thank-you for replying yes it has a skin tank as at moment got a Ford engine in.nothing special just in it when I bought it. As we all no it's a labour of love but sometimes think selling it might be easier.I'm fairly new to all this so mistakes are made frequently. I will finish it I think as most stuff inside as been replaced with new
  10. My boat

    At the minute I'm just having a new morco hot water system fitted and then iv got to put a bathroom in . And really need to tidy it up abit get rid of junk iv not took of.it also as a 1958 Rustin hornsly air cooled engine that I need to fit. Apart from that it needs a coat of paint . It's took me nearly two years to get here.(a big rollercoaster up-to now)
  11. My boat

    Yes it is I moved it to a different marina who I no really well had the survey and nothing wrong with it .just needed a few pits welding .it was a shock as the work only cost 500.
  12. My boat

    What would this be worth now iv had a survey on it the hull sides are 8 in place 10 bottom and 4 top it's just been blacked and 6 new anodes it's partly done inside and comes with new solar panels and wiring new kitchen. It's 99 build and 57ft trad . Iv seen a brand new build I'd like yours andy.
  13. What to do

    Somebody must want this lovely narrow boat
  14. What to do

    Thank-you all so much for your interest and knowledge it means allot.I will get a survey done as soon as iv saved up again lol. I no there's a few deep pits in places and after I scraped all the bubbled spots it's just uneven .and again it's only 18 year old but wasn't looked after before I had it.to my knowledge ten years since it was last out water and blacked
  15. What to do

    Iv had everything in side hand built by my friend and carpenter.I was told by the yard that it'll need alot of work overplating in areas . And yes iv not even had a survey done.unfortunately iv just given up with it.iv chucked so much time and effort money etc at it. The trouble is I'm so not got the experience and knowledge.I'm hoping someone will take it on and make a lucky boat out of it