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  1. In contrast to the OP I heard of a boater recently buying 193.8 litres of diesel but being charged for only 19.3 litres.
  2. Not at all, I'm interested in all ropework traditions on the UK inland waterways and it is a public forum afterall. I'm pleased that there seems to be both interest and knowledge on the forums on the subject.
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions and the pics. Des Pawsons knot craft got me started and now I'm after the history of it all on narrowboats, the older the better.
  4. Hello, Can anyone point me in the right direction for a good source of information related to traditional ropework including both the decorative stuff for tillers/rudders etc. and more practical lashing for hold covers and fenders etc. and possibly info on the evolution of practical to decorative. Though I'm sure that there was variation from steerer to steerer I'm struggling to find much at all online (aside from a descriptive text page on canaljunction.com) especially concerning practical lashings. Most pictures (new and old) are from fairly far away to get the whole boat in and as such are not detailed enough for good analysiis of any roperwork going on... Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hmm a good point i havent done any maths just been bimbling around the internet and forums with a vague disgruntlement so.... The fuel consumption for the eberspachers h4 is (according to the sales brochure) 0.27/0.53 l/h. I've read that the boiler uses 480grammes per hour at maximum which gives approx 28 hours use out of a 13kg bottle. So the costs of running the two system at maximum heat output are (approximately): Alde - £26/28hrs = 92p per hour. Eberspacher - at £1 per litre to make maths easy means 0.53p per hour (and 0.27p per hour at min) now if 13kg is lasting 6 days we're obviously running at about 1/3 capacity of the 6kw max ouput. so assuming we produce around 2kw per hour, we're producing around 336kw per week. at a cost of £30.33 a week. The heat output for the Eber. D4 is 2.4 kw to 4.3 kw so we would mostly be runing it at the lower end of its range, so to create 336kw per week using a 2.4kw heat output would mean running it for 140 hours (336/2.4=140 hours). 140*0.27 = £37.80 per week. Running at the top end would mean running it for 78 hours 78*0.53 = £41.43 So, unless some of my maths is wrong, it appears the gas is cheaper?! and thats not even taking into account the cost of the new unit/instalation.... Well thats that sorted. Thanks for making me do the maths, I'll stick with the Alde and maybe spend some money on a smalll tender and outboard instead to make the run to get gas easier.
  6. Hello all, We currently have an Alde comfort boiler (the tall thin one) on our boat as the primary heat source. There is no solid fuel stove and though we miss our old squirel and they're the best form of heating, we will not be installing one as they take up too much space (in the form of the space you have to leave around them and fuel storge etc) and we also have two babies on the verge of toddling so we're ruling it out on safety grounds. The Alde feeds both the calorifier for hot water and three radiators for heating. Put simply it goes through gas too quickly (the record so far is one cylinder in 4 days when used constantly but on average its one every 6/7 days) and its not even been that cold! We live aboard and will do so for the next 2 or 3 years at least so we are looking at changing our heat source to a more cost effective one (gas is costing us £26 per 13kg). So I'm thinking of replacing it with one of those diesel water heaters which should be fairly simple job.... or alternatviely is there a better/more efficient boiler I can swap it for? What would you folks do (if solid fuels stoves were not an option), and why? thanks in advance!
  7. the mystery switch gets more mysterious the more I flick it. If I flick it whilst the engine is off then nothing happens no elecy is used (i have a power monitor) but when the engines running and i flick it the voltage on the display pictured drops by about 2 volts...though not on the power monitor....oh well I'll just ignore it until it becomes impossible to ignore.
  8. the dead tree wont get a preservation order, but its possible for the telegraph pole to become listed if someone wants to apply for it. There is currently only one example of a listed telegraph pole in the UK, no doubt many of you will be familiar with it...
  9. above this panel is an on/off switch for tunnel light and a push button for the horn. the cabin bilge is conected tot he engine bilge so a seperate bilge pump is unlikely. (also the black pull switch at the top right is marked bilge pump, though the pump doesnt work!) I will test the mystery switch over the weekend. thanks for all the replies, at least i know its not going to indicate anything that can damage the engine if I put it in gear whilst its lit.
  10. Hello all, This will probably sound like a ridicuously 'noobish' question but I've never had a boat with a decent instrument panel before so: what does the orange light mark IGN in the attached picture indicate? The engine (thornycroft 80D) starts up fine with this light (and an associated buzzer) remaining on for a few minutes. I thought it most likely to be oil pressure but now doubt it a bit. Thanks for any info! Also does anyone have any idea what the nearby switch might do? (the small silver one closest to the light) its not the bilge pump or tunnel light.
  11. People not feeling respected by CART is not the same as CART having no respect for them.
  12. But that wouldn't be a forecast, that would be a report on what the weather is currently doing...which is rather less useful than knowing what it is likely to do in the near future. Also its now peeing it down in London and has been since 11am, I'm sure it will reach further north soon... (I'll let you wait until the rain has stopped before requesting that you eat your hat )
  13. leave a tap on and go on holiday. My rebellious side has always fancied the idea of having a marina with a slightly higher water level than the canal and a lock to get in/out of it in an attempt to avoid paying CRT the NAA fee. But I'm not sure how long it would take for the cost of filling to be outweighed by the savings on NAA fees....probably a very long time.
  14. I fail to see the link. If its official works of 'street art' that encourage the scribbly tags and other graffiti why then does this graffiti also appear where there are no official artworks? I'd argue the tags you see over the official works would be there regardless of whether the artwork was or not. Most of the time councils use official artworks to get a free lick of paint on a wall or get funding from art grants. Incidentally theres one I quite like in Milton Keynes (I think) its of a very long trrain with all sorts of things in the carriages and wagons. There's also the wall of a substation in Hackney Wick (London) that will never fall down it gets painted so often (with skill though not always to my taste) in the summer it was getting painted over by different people every day.
  15. so I was comparing like for like, at least as much as you were when you compared them to estate agents....
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