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  1. Inverter ac mains and AC out connection.

    I think it means just what it says so: AC in > 16a MCB > Multiplus > AC out > CU (inc. RCD and MCb(s)). I think a lot of people would rely on the 16a MCB on the shore supply bollard rather than fitting another one. Not sure if that's best practice though.
  2. Seagull IV Cartridge

    Well, that’s interesting - thanks.
  3. Seagull IV Cartridge

    Just for information, they're now available from ASAP Supplies too - https://www.asap-supplies.com/seagull-purifier-element-rs-1sg - no cheaper (still £115.00 - with a couple of quid off once you're logged in as a recognised customer) but I do like their service.
  4. Italian Water Pump

    Have you tried http://gianneschi.co.uk/? As Ian says, these are top quality pumps, but I think these days are targeted more at the superyacht market (the prices on the website would seem to suggest that to be the case!)
  5. Seagull IV Cartridge

    I'm in exactly the same boat. Pure Water Online lost their contract with the manufacturers, so I'm surprised they're still selling them (old stock, perhaps). Nova Leisure are now the sole UK importers. They don't sell direct to the public - but their website has details of where you can find their dealers. I saw them for £115.00 at Midland Chandlers!
  6. 3 Homefi not mi-fi

    Thanks - that's good to know. Perhaps I'll get a decent deal from EE (I like the coverage) when it's time to renew?
  7. 3 Homefi not mi-fi

    We did exactly this, replacing our home broadband with a mini wifi router from EE which we take from home to the boat. 64GB for £30.00 per month, so about the same monthly cost. Can't see any deals quite this good at the moment, though. We have, on occasion, exceeded the 64GB, but are being a bit more careful about that, now.
  8. EE bill

    But if you're using a MiFi device - like the OP and me - you never see the texts (unless you log into the admin bit of the device). I never sent a text from the device authorising anything - but saw texts in it thanking me for subscribing!
  9. EE bill

    Had exactly the same experience with EE myself, and didn't get any further than you in complaining about it. Very annoying, but life's too short, I suppose ...
  10. Diesels to be banned

    Is that still the case? I read here that Germany are now commissioning subsidy-free offshore farms: http://gcaptain.com/germany-trumpets-first-subsidy-free-offshore-wind-farm/

    British Waterways produced this list in response to a 2011 FOI request: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/64438/response/173723/attach/2/Land and Property owned by British Waterways.pdf?cookie_passthrough=1
  12. Mooring on own land

    There's a lot of information here - https://www.gov.uk/guidance/apply-for-an-accommodation-licence-on-the-river-thames - about applying to build pontoons, jetties, and the like on the Thames.
  13. What alternatives are there for getting the internet?

    We've got a 4G mini wifi router from EE - http://shop.ee.co.uk/dongles/pay-monthly-mobile-broadband/4gee-wifi-mini/details We got it at half the current price (£30.50 pcm for 64GB) and we find that plenty for both home and boat use. Good coverage in Nottingham at least.
  14. Pump out toilet efficiency. My mind is blown...

    OK - but BW byelaws apply to all waterways under the control of BW - the word 'canal' is so-defined in the byelaws. So the Trent wouldn't be exempt.
  15. Pump out toilet efficiency. My mind is blown...

    I can never find any legislation that prohibits use of a sea toilet on canals - could you point me in the right direction if you have a minute? Thanks.