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  1. There used to be an old guy selling fruit, veg, eggs etc at Quoisley (or was it Povey) lock on the Llangollen. Anyone know what’s happened to him - we haven’t seen him recently?
  2. Tell us about the Teapot Code please ........
  3. To be fair, we are not being singled out. lots of videos like this .......
  4. I think that some boats use a 240v generator and probably use it to power a washing machine? That’s the only real explanation I can think of.
  5. It’s been pouring down today, but we ended up with a beautiful evening. Still our favourite place on the canals ......
  6. The clue is that we are at particularity nice spot, where boaters like to stay a few days ......
  7. We are in the middle of three weeks on the Llangollen, right in the busy hire season. I must say we’ve been impressed withy the standard of the hire boats. Where they are not skilfull at least they are careful, no complaints at all ......
  8. We’re moored by Blake’s Mere - near Ellesmere, one of the beauty spots on the canal. The boat next to us ran its engine for a hour or so this morning, We then ran ours for a while. The boat the other side of us ran theirs this afternoon and this evening the next one along had their 2 hours. I know it’s never going to happen, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all charged our batteries at the same time?
  9. Have a read of this if you want an insight what’s really happening out there ......... http://www.songofthepaddle.co.uk/forum/showthread.php/8609-Canoeing-in-tunnels
  10. Tongue in cheek I know, but this is already in place. All the hire boats we have met have been driven carefully and responsibly and the various maps all mention the tricky bits. And when two narrowboats do collide then it’s only usually the paintwork that suffers ......
  11. It’s a bit like the debate with cyclists on busy roads, common sense needed on both sides. As a start, I suggest: 1. A minimum set of equipment for tunnels. I.e. a decent sized torch with a firm fixing and a loud whistle. 2. A training protocol for all canoe hire establishments and maps marked clearly with danger points.
  12. It wasn’t just the tunnel, there seemed to be more canoeists than I’ve seen before and there are a lot of tight bends on the Llangollen with at least a couple where the canoe should really be carried around. At Irish Bridge 27, for example, it’s difficult to see an oncoming boat, no chance of spotting canoes unless someone is in the front cockpit. In the past, canoeists have been encountered in well ordered and competently led groups but that wasn’t the case yesterday. I think CRT need to quickly examine the equipment and training given to these groups, before it all ends in tears.
  13. The other way would be to follow a boat through and to ask them to warn oncoming boats. But really, if these firms are going to hire out canoes to go through tunnels then they need to equip them with decent lights. A powerful led light is not that difficult to fix up really.
  14. Should have checked on the way out but according to the CRT website canoes are allowed in Chirk Tunnel but advised to travel on groups of three with a good head torch and a whistle.
  15. Cruising back from Llangollen, enjoying the Sunday challenge of the hire boats, when we waited at Chirk Tunnel for a convoy of boats to come through. Waved on by the final boat, a check for oncoming, and set off into the tunnel. About halfway we became aware of a tiny pinprick of light along with two canoeists. We stopped and were angrily told that they were first and we must reverse! Eventually, after much shouting and screaming from the paddlers they hoisted the canoe onto the towpath and carried it the rest of the way. We pointed out that their torch was completely inadequate and they protested that it was “what they had been given”. Has anyone come across this before? Surely it can’t be a hire company? Outward Bound?
  16. Moored just above it now so will probably try tomorrow and report back ........
  17. Yes, but it’s not on other maps and I wasn’t sure whether it was a proper Wunding hole, or maybe just a turning point for the local Day Boats, so it would be good to hear from someone who has used it.
  18. We’re on the Llangollen and wanting to do a short cruise from Chirk. We spotted a Winding hole just before the Poachers Pocket on the way up but it's not marked on Nicholson’s and we wondered if it is possible to turn a 58ft boat there? Does anyone have any personal experience? Thanks in advance .......
  19. Moor at Gas Street during a Party Conference and you get a policeman with a machine gun - no trouble those few days ........
  20. Just watched the video, and it does stir the soul!
  21. Err Surely they would tow you to the winding hole then back again, after which you would be facing the right way - but they would now be facing the wrong way ............?
  22. If treating a water supply with bleach it’s a good idea to run the taps until you can smell the bleach then leave the system overnight before flushing through.
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