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  1. I made him wait there for 20 minutes until the train came. He got so bored he put a fake beard on.
  2. Consall Forge is a definate winner.
  3. I've recently replaced the ram pump seals on my 3L2 that have been 'weeping' for years. The bore had a few scratches so I honed it out with a flap wheel on a drill as advised by Walshes in manchester (01617877017) who also supplied the new seals. Check the old ones for part numbers as different sizes were fitted. The oiler wasn't always fitted and is to lubricate the piston rod, not the seals.
  4. Thank you, sorry we missed you. It was built by Roger Fuller and has a Gardner 3L2. We're coming through to the boat tomorrow, I'm sure our friends will tell us all about another tug going past, they don't miss a single boat. Hope you're enjoying the beauty of the Chesterfield. When you're at Shireoaks it's worth walking down to The Hewitt Arms at Shireoaks Hall, we moor at Cinderhill Lock and walk down the towpath, lovely on a nice evening.
  5. The Society of Biology run a yearly survey and the results seem to be getting more complicated each year. This year there have been some really early sightings. Flying ant survey 2014 launched 13 June 2014 Today the Society of Biology launched the 2014 flying ant survey, and is calling for everyone to report their sightings. The unusually warm spring may bring flying ants out early. Spring 2014 (March, April, May) was provisionally the UK's third warmest in a series from 1910, and nights were particularly mild. This is the third year of the survey. The results from 2012 were surprising, with two flying ant days divided by two weeks of poor weather. The pattern was even more complex in 2013, with not one but four peaks in flying ant appearances from 22nd July to 22nd August 2013. The flying ant survey data has been analysed by Professor Adam Hart and Christina Catlin-Groves from the University of Gloucestershire. Adam says: “It has been fascinating to see complex patterns of flying ant days in 2012 and 2013, and it seems likely that 2014 will show something different yet again. “The survey is dispelling the myths of a single ‘flying ant day’. Last year we had a flying ant month, and it will be interesting to see whether there is another long flying ant season this year.”
  6. About average this year, at least it was from our mooring to Clayworth. Not sure the weed cutters help much, they chop it up but it soon grows up again. Bit of dredging wouldn't go amiss. I have to agree about the top being the prettiest bit, it really is worth battling the weed for.
  7. I do have other videos that I'm not allowed to show can't find right now. There's a big eddy by the lock entrance that can be kind of handy. If you arrive early, on an incoming tide, you can pull against the wall and wait for high water…. quite a sun trap. and now you have the beautiful Chesterfield all to yourself! Actually, it was really busy this weekend. We saw 6 moving boats!!! ​So please, make sure you tell everyone how bad the weed is, how shallow the canal is and that The White Swan at Drakeholes is still shut. Oh, and for God's sake, don't tell anyone how stunning the Turner Wood flight is.
  8. No fresh and the tide hadn't been ebbing long. It helps if the lock's ready or you start floating off to Keadby https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Cl4YhZeNTko
  9. Here's a video of Paul entering Stockwith Lock. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Y4025jhUHQE
  10. I would agree if they had had this discussion on the forum but they didn't and I don't think they should "clue up" to the fact that it may be transcribed in such a way. If the OP felt the conversation was inappropriate it would have been an idea to say so.
  11. The fact that my friend didn't wish to post direct has no bearing on the validity of the content. I agree with the sentiment and therefore was happy to post on their behalf.
  12. I've been asked by a friend of mine, who is not a member of this forum, to post a reply to this thread. "I wonder if the lady who wrote this post has considered its consequences. CRT do read this forum and by her own admission she posted, ‘ it was a bit of a rant.’ but posting this on a social media site is not the same thing as having a bit of a rant with friends, where you can vent your frustration and then the conversation goes on to something else and its forgotten. We all have bad days at work occasionally and I am sure we can all relate to having a moan about our boss/management at some point in our working life, (especially if the person you moaned at seemed to have a sympathetic ear, even offering you cake!) but we wouldn't expect it to be published nationally for all, including our bosses, to read. I hope after reading this the lady may consider deleting this post and photographs. I often watch this team working, and they are all (including the one this post is aimed at) hard working men, one of the best teams in the region. Are we at an age where we dare not share our thoughts with anyone incase they are posted on social media and photos are taken without our permission as evidence!"
  13. Sprotbrough, she was on her way to you Marcus! Here's another one for you.
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