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  1. It would be quite clever for the CRT to enable policies which caused most of the boats to end up in marinas. People have always theorised that this was the aim. It would put the onus of licence enforcement on the marina and save the CRT quite a lot of money. Maybe they should just say if you don't moor in a marina then your licence is going up by £3,500 a year. Get 'em off the cut !
  2. It makes a lot of sense to do this but I think the other poster is suggesting that the CRT do not have the power to do so from a legal point of view and they are acting ultra vires. I think somewhere in the acts there will be something to allow the navigation authority to do this if they own the land on the side of the canal where the marina entrance is cut. Speculation but could the marinas which are not subject to NAA have been opened into land that the navigation authority did not own a strip of?
  3. Have we been here before perchance ? I'm sure somewhere along the line the CRT have powers to control moorings which involve cutting a channel in the canal bank which they own. NLS library of Scotland side by side maps. The best one for land parcels is OS 25 inch 1892-1914.
  4. https://smokecontrol.defra.gov.uk/fuel-details.php?id=212 comprise 65% to 70% petroleum coke and 25% anthracite (both by weight) together with a cold setting resin binder, hardener and low temperature stabiliser as to the remaining weight ---- Petcoke product. Lots of heat watch out or the grate burning away. At least it has less binder than some of the other ones which would account for the lack of 'ash' which in most cases is actually a non combustible product rather than the product of combustion.
  5. Christ on a bike what optimism abounds ! Nice bit of wood bothering but fifty grand ? What the Heck? Could be one Fredk W Paine if it has a wooden cabin.
  6. We've had the lairy swan going up and down Limehouse cut like a nutter today. Have had some issues with this one before. Needs decapitating. Rogue swans significantly detract from the wellbeing situation. I suppose they must be entertainment for some people but they must mess with the Trust's objectives in some ways. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/media/original/47016-waterways-and-wellbeing-valuing-our-waterways.pdf?v=8cbe48 From November 22. They specifically do NOT mention nutter swans.
  7. The £40m is for Canal and River Trading CIC. I was not sure how to interpret the earlier piece of information but to me it reads as they are the owners of the protected assets which I presume means the "track" ie locks and canals. So what is "the grant agreement" which provides for protection of the protected assets? Is this a grant from the CRT to the CRT CIC or is it the government grant from DEFRA? https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/08069602/filing-history
  8. I'm no expert on this but it looks like it belongs to a CIC who need sec of state approval to do anything major. Maybe it does belong to the public but this is not my impression from the given information. Someone who actually knows about all this sort of thing would be really handy to get rid of any assumptions which may pop up.
  9. One would need to see what administrative powers the Trustees have before coming to the conclusion that they can not dispose of assets. There must be more detail to all this but perhaps as it has been transferred out of public ownership that detail is not available to the public. It seems reasonably interesting that Canal and River Trading CIC have 4 directors and £40 million of assets.
  10. Canal and River Trading CIC? https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/08069602
  11. It reads as if the protected assets (presumably this means canals) are only protected while there is a government grant in place. Does this mean that if and when the grant is removed the obligation to protect the assets no longer exists?
  12. 1.2 seems rather relevant also.. Specially the second half of it. Is this well known ? Presumably it must be.
  13. I'll stick with my Dulcinea thanks ! Put the tape measure on it today actually as never measured the air draft. It is 6ft4 with gear down and fire chimney removed. I don't do dashing. Ladies in bikinis could work.
  14. Some of the old maps like they have on the NSL National Library of Scotland are quite interesting as they outline parcels of land and indicate the acreage. Not that this shows ownership but it can help build a picture of the overall position regarding ownership of land. I've not checked any canals but it might be interesting to have a look. I'll have to have a look at the Oxford Canal just out of interest and see if it is one long thin piece or if it is in separate parcels.
  15. The answer is to get the smallest boat that you can possibly live on. I tried this a number of yars ago with a 24ft x 8ft6 Viksund motorsailer for residential use. It was too small although this was mainly a heating problem. Difficult to fit a fire in there which will stay in as the space is too limited. Obviously I now have the perfect small and luxurious boat but the idea of a solar powered small seagoing craft is quite appealing as a way of getting away from the diesel. I've never quite worked out why the long pole thing with flappy pieces of canvas on it would be of any use but it takes all sorts. I guess these people generally have no appreciation of how pleasant it can be to get onto a navigable river and go inland. Looks like too much agro to me.
  16. The first vinyl I bought aged 12 was the Chicken Song by Spitting Image. People seem to take things too seriously these days. The B side "Never met a nice south african" is a classic. Work of art.
  17. How did he lose the title of tree surgeon? Was it de-limbing? It seems odd they call them "tree surgeons" when a better word would be "tree amputation practitioners". BS job title.
  18. Even if they is law abiding you mean. As for the K&A nonsense this is the first canal the CRT should either close or dispose of to other management. It is a problem area and needs sorting.
  19. I definitely would not go anywhere near it with a saw.
  20. Arrr there any canal related things which get royal patronage ? It is almost like nobody cares about such a wonderful national asset. Ma Maybe these over privileged parasites have never experienced the true joy of crawling along a ditch in box section metal tube with a diesel engine at one end of it. I suppose they probably know about yotting in the med.
  21. I am entirely in favour of a real and genuine universal income system where the state pays everyone a single payment which can cover basic living costs. The system can handle it. Automation makes this more feasible as jobs get taken out over time. It is a sensible way for society to proceed. Don't feel guilt about claiming benefits. There is nothing to feel guilty about.
  22. I have been to France, Spain, Switzerland and Germany. I don't find them all that interesting really. Everyone is different in this regard.
  23. It is a good point about the potential for more slums rather than a reduction. I don't think you are right though that adding 2 grand a year would mean rich people and benefit claimants. 2 grand isn't a lot if it is referring to housing costs. Even in much cheaper areas people pay a lot more than 3 grand a year to rent a pokey little flat. I think a lot of people living on boats probably are not eligible for benefits and quite likely could pay more. They may not want to but it isn't always about what one would want.
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