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  1. Maybe don't use the engine as a charging set. When I had a RN DM2 it used to put a little bit in via the alternator when Boating and if I was stopped for a few days I just ran a small Honda genny for charging. It depends on your usage pattern but I tend to think when people start asking questions about alternators they might be using the engine when stationary to charge batteries which in my opinion is not appropriate. Leece Neville large frame alternators are quite popular for this. Buses, large marine engines, trucks etc.
  2. Yarwoods presumably. The back end has done it no favours !! Also a little too shocking to weld a hoop on top of the stem for a fender. Some people !
  3. Fire is interesting. Bulkhead mounted is a good approach but I wonder if there is some artistic licence in that image. Looks a bit like a Jotul but they are much too big and also mounted on legs. Intriguing if it is an actual fire. Do any still exist?
  4. We had 4 lavatories, two kitchens, servants quarters upstairs, gardeners cottage and land. 5 sitting rooms and 7 bedrooms. According to Country (sp) Life magazine it was "one of the lesser country houses of today". Thems were hard times I tell ye. Orchards and swimming pool, and tennis court. We was poor but we was honest isn't it a bloomin shame. Its the rich what gets the credit and the poor what gets the blame.
  5. I ran a DM2 on a 55ft trad narrow boat for 12 yars. Most of this was cruising around the system. It was a nice unit I would not moan about it. A bit noisy but mine was in an unusual engine room which did not have a cabin behind it. I suppose having a luxury Boat with one of these contraptions at the age of 21 and free from encumbrances was a little unusual and could lead to different experiences. If I was doing it again I'd just put a jap kubota in there with similar torque and sensible propeller. . The RN makes a nice sound in theory but can be a nuisance. It depends what you do with the Boat. I did excessively large number of hours which tends to make the noise seem worse. I can still hear the galloping horse and visualise the following up crankshaft. Nice units and of course very traditional but I would rather a DM3 myself. There will be questions about whether it is an Altricham unit or an Essex made unit or god forbid a Vero Engineering version made in Southampton. I had an Essex unit and felt very good about it. PRM 160 the God of marine gearboxes.
  6. In about 1996 I split a seam on the polyprop tank on my narrow boat. Cookham lock. They used to have Chubb fire hoses on reels for the supply. Great idea. High volume. I was having a cup of tea with the lock keeper in the house and completely forgot about the water situation. Nobody else about as it was early spring. So the discharge from the hose was more than the gap around it and the vent combined. Result was quite a lot of water in the wrong places. Someone else I spoke to had broken a stainless steel tank at the same supply point. Water supply systems have since been altered on the River. It was cool to be able to load water fast but one needed to be on the ball. I miss the fire hoses in a way. It was a great way to reduce the potential for queueueing at water supply points. Ironically back in those days there were far fewer Boats with large water tanks so the problem which was presumably trying to be solved did not exist.
  7. My decade long residence on Limehouse Cut is coming to an end in April. Too much building work its now just an urban canyon I need out. Someone else can occupy the goldfish bowl mooring. As there is no lock separating the cut with the Lee it seems to be a canalised part of the river. When there was a lock I suppose it was more canal like.
  8. I put a Rayburn MF in my narrow Boat in 2005 and it went straight in through the front doors in one piece. No problems. Normal sized doors not wide. It is a nice thing to have and I plumbed in a 28mm primary flow circuit from the boiler then tapped in radiators and a hot water tank. All worked lovely. A LOT of fuel and ash going in and out of the Boat. I don't think I would do it again although it was pleasant to he fair. When I sold that Boat the buyer broke it up on site and scrapped it. Worth checking the boiler is a small side only type rather than a saddle. It might be difficult to use the heat from a saddle boiler on a narrow. The older Royal type Rayburns seem to be slightly smaller. Mine was an MF which is the same as a 216.
  9. Presumably one would need to take into account the bore and length of the hose. I wonder if using black builders buckets (or any other buckets not specifically marketed at a defined racial group) might be quicker on a fast tap. Fill one, transfer to the road cone funnel into water tank while filling next bucket &c. Also good exercise. A bucket with a high rate bilge pump in it is another obvious way of getting around hose bore issues.
  10. Was there a word missing. It may have been a cow pat. This would also be a considerably more straightforward article to coax into a plane than its producer.
  11. I reckon because almost all radiators are white people are generally conditioned to assume that is the best colour. in terms of fitting in with ordinary decor and encouraging light into what may otherwise be dark areas it probably is the best colour. One wonders how efficient a rusty radiator would be. Maybe the painting thereof is a red herring and just done so paint companies can make more profit. The Great Paint Scam. Look out !
  12. The question in the physics test was 'which is more efficient a black or a white radiator?'. It isn't asking about percentages. The teacher said it was white probably because they had white radiators in their house. The teacher was also a non reflecting furriner so they may have had pre-installed value systems around black and white. Dictionary Definitions from Oxford Languages · Learn more more determiner a greater or additional amount or degree of. "she poured herself more coffee" Is a crime finish all the blood after the radiator has been used to bludgeon an gangland opponent?
  13. Limehouse cut is part of the Lee Navigation as far as BW/CRT are concerned with licensing as it is included in the Pleasure Boat Certificate (aka Rivers only licence).
  14. Its come into the waterway and dispersed. I think they will be able to work it out pretty quickly. If it is ongoing then it may just be a blockage or a broken pipe somewhere. One hopes it is not something more sinister. There are a lot of different waste products associated with food production. I bought a Boat from a gentleman who worked for the EA in pollution control and he told me about a major problem with spoiled duck eggs being dumped in a watercourse and causing significant issues for the local ecology. It went to court and the offender was prosecuted.
  15. I secretly rather like nautical confinements with a bit of varnished wood about. This is my current punishment in that regard. Solitary confinement has its advantages !
  16. I once saw a coal Boat who offered lavatory pumpout which shall remain anonymous discharging via a hose to a large drain beside the A406 aqueduct. Because of the food factory there I associated this with effluent flow from the industrial premises but it could easily be unrelated and it is the other side of the canal. It must be fairly easy for someone from the EA to spot the source using a bit of common sense. It appears to be too much to be container dumping. The bread dumping in there is pretty terrible as well. I saw someone park up and empty bin liners full of bread into the canal. The birds don't want it.
  17. Looks like a lot of fun. Not my bag but know people get a lot of pleasure from doing this. I once had a Boat which had a carpet over a plywood floor. I removed the carpet to put down finger parquet. There was blood everywhere in the plywood. I still wonder what had happened there. No bodies were discovered. Undoing other peoples work is always quite interesting. The Ship I currently own has a lot of concrete ballast in it. I sometimes wonder if the blokes wife is in there.
  18. It is impossible for either of us to be wrong if there is a difference. Negligible or not. Even if the black radiator is 0.00000000000000000000001% more efficient than the white radiator it is still more efficient.
  19. I was in fact right. check the definition of the word 'more'.
  20. All I remember about physics was being told again and again that a white radiator was more effective than a black radiator. I was stubborn about the black radiator being more effective. Teachers constantly told me that the white radiator is more efficient. I never believed them and had x marked on my tests.
  21. I doubt the oil in question was skimmed off the surface of a waterway.
  22. Not sure about the engines but I would like to experiment with drip feeding used cooking oil into the woodburner. It Clcould be interesting if done right. Lots of calorific value. The sunflower oil left in a tin of mackerel goes off like a bomb when dropped on a hot fire ! A day tank with metal pipes and a tap. Bulkhead fitting through top of the fire. Might work I have heard of it being done with old lube oil but it must make a mucky flue and stink a bit outside.
  23. There appears to be a large pipeline running across the aqueduct below waterline I wonder if it came from there. A factory immediately adjacent which always smells of food.
  24. The OP said they are dead but one wonders if he checked. Maybe the air bubbles are from something else
  25. Its great they are still on the cut. As long as they are not an obstruction this is where they should stay and become part of the scenery. Whether a Boat is a Boat in use or a reed bed or garden makes little difference. Its part of history and if it is wooden with some iron ribs it deserves to stay. I would not advocate this solution for clapped out old steel Boats. They need to be cut up but wood is wood and will go back to nature.
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