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  1. Cor thats good ! I have lived on 8 different Boats. Finally got the right two now no need to change again.
  2. My birthday. 50 this yar. And 30 yars living on Boats come 4th April. Long may it continue.
  3. I still think the option of putting a resistor between alt and bat is interesting. If this could somehow be made to do hot water... Car hifi forums could be worth reading.
  4. The main problem is alternators. In reality that is the only issue facing anyone. If you don't use an altenator to charge then drop in replacement means just that and the solar or mains chargers can be installed to suit the batteries. Add an alternator, which is what a lot of people have as their primary charging device and all hell breaks loose.
  5. Yes. Hozelock hanging basket watering device can work as can a fire extinguisher full of water pumped up with a tyre compressor or bike pump. The ideal thing in a way is a stainless fire extinguisher. Hang it over a fire to warm it up.
  6. If you refer back to that incident you will probably find that he reappeared on here in response to me suggesting he had died
  7. Great should always be capitalised. It is like 'Good' and 'Boat'.
  8. I keep misreading the title as 'where am I, intentionally'
  9. Jt would never be pS. Not in a millenium. It is Great to hear this.
  10. PS it is 'PS' not 'pS'. Post Script. Arguably it should be Ps.
  11. It could have been 2011. I have 5 yar lapses in concentration and as he (@gibbo) spent more time messing around with lead acid batteries than most people do thinking it is unlikely he knows anything about lithium. Well anyway. Referring to batteries. No Clopixol. LTO batteries are quite interesting.
  12. Tagging won't work. you have to say that you heard he died. I heard that he died. Ita probably a bit late for this as he died ages ago ! I think it was around 2016.
  13. Have you seen the 'I'm a hoe version?' Very funny but also very explicit. Disclaimer: If you watch this an are offended don't moan. It is funny though given how Elsa made her pimps so much cash.
  14. This was the Les Allen Boat I had. Originally a wooden top I cut it all off and got a steel cabin put on then planked the deck.
  15. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ne_supra_crepidam Careful now ! Beware of the ultracrepidarians.
  16. I wonder how an insurance company would deal with a Boat where someone had decided it was clever to run the water system directly from the mains supply. I know two Boats which were almost sunk by doing this. Its not uncommon for it to happen on moorings with water supply. Insurance companies must have a policy about how to deal with this behaviour. The geyser who does the maintenance at the mooring said he has seen people have put the hose through a window and presumably attached it to the system on the Boat to bypass the pump and provide better pressure. Probably mainly for showers. In fact the CRT have had to put warning stickers on the water tap bollards because of the water board becoming concerned about potential issues if a Boat were to sink while connected to the mains water supply. I've always had tanks and pumps as lile a floaty Boat.
  17. My 1960s Perkins P4 in one of the Boats has the speed controlled by a butterfly valve in the air intake. @Tony Brooks knows about this one I think the high pressure pump is controlled by vacuum rather than mechanically.
  18. I was simplistically thinking a piston moving downwards would be sucking in air. Love a bit of education !
  19. It would be interesting to experiment with ducting using the air intake of the engine to pull cold air across the alternator. Obviously this could have a negative impact on engine performance. Maybe an intercooler would be nice. Interesting theory. I would have thought a petrol engine of the same displacement would shift more air as it will tend to have a higher rpm.
  20. Some tests needed. I also wondered if it would blow the charging coil if the battery was discharged. There are no loads other than the starter and almost zero self discharge (0.1v in 18 months) on these batteries but interesting to know how the coil would handle a flat battery demanding a lot of power. Would it blow up or would it regulate. The outboard has a manual start so it is designed to work with a flat battery. I reckon with a bit of work a 2 cyl 4 stroke outboard could be modified to make a really nice silent generator.
  21. Did you take it to Lechlade ? I was commenting about the top end of the Thames. I expect in most places it would be fine. I like the idea of Polka dots. My Honda outboard has GBR (GB Rowing) printed on the cowl so they all think I nicked it when in fact I bought it. It is amusing at times having the only privately owned Eton Racing Boats coaching launch on the Thames. I'm going to get a megaphone. Also small torpedoes. I still haven't put a volt meter on the Lithium Titanate battery I use to start the Honda 10. I am assuming it will be around 14v and the top voltage before venting is around 18v so it should be okay. Voltage regulation on outboard motor charging coils is definitely quite interesting for someone who uses one a lot.
  22. Thats what Nigel's was like. I think the bath was done with vertical pieces but could be mistaken.
  23. If there is a travelpower unit then it seems possible to run a 48v LFP charger from it. Maybe not very efficient. Other option is use less energy on the Boat.
  24. Outboard motors above 6HP have remote portable fuel tanks. Someone can probably find an exception but this is a pretty good rule.
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