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  1. The great tits have returned to the country estate. I rather like great tits. I think a great tit hatch could be an idea.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. We had a terrified moorhen in the barge once. It had been stalking the back deck and became frightened when I approached then made the error of going inside. Obviously it was like Bill Oddie (much more scared of you than you are of him) and it is remarkable how much excess weight they can shift in the form of guano to make flying away easier. The floor needed a good clean once it left. The best thing is to not get agitated about it so I just sat down and waited for it to go but it did do a fair bit of toileting beforehand.
  4. I have had a change of heart. The new bollards are great. Ideal to have so many options for tying up. Is it discrimination if we can't all have such lovely hardware?
  5. Mine was a Zanussi ZWC1301. This does have a cold wash setting. Maybe the 1300 is a slightly different model. Here you go. Cold wash on Zanussi ZWC1300
  6. I don't remember having a poly v belt when I had a LPW2. Maybe the bigger ones have them. Thinking about it the generator I once had which was a LPW3 might have had one of these belts which also ran the radiator fan from when it was a stationary engine. Is there a chance that the belt has been overtightened rather than the more obvious ?
  7. I read that as you can't beat a consultant. I bet a few people would like to !
  8. I do know exactly what the OP has but I can understand why you think I don't. For some reason the manufacturer has decided that the reduction box needs liquid cooling. Maybe it doesn't but depending on usage it seems to me that having a system which allows cold water to flow through it might be worthy of consideration. i would have an electric pump rather than belt. Reason: If the engine is being run under high loading the belt is more at risk. If you lose the belt you have no engine. If the pump(s) are operated from the battery you get some extra time before the engine overheats and becomes unusable. This also requires DC engine coolant circulation pumps and it depends on what you are doing as to whether putting a new belt on is easy at the time.
  9. If cooling is critical might it be worth having a small sea cock and an electric Jabsco pump to shove water through the reduction gear and dispose of it overboard via a skin fitting? I imagine full power use is more likely to happen in open clean water so one could choose whether or not to use the coolant circuit. Presumably there is battery charging via alternator so the power requirements would be dealt with. On one of my Boats which is a twin screw custom made steel trawler yot the gearboxes (handed pair of PRM Deltas) are cooled by small dedicated keel cooler boxes on the hull sides unrelated to the engine coolant circuits which are on the bottom of the hull. I do think it is worth considering separating the two circuits if the intention is to use high engine power output settings for a sustained time. My Boat was made to survive the nuclear wars which is a bit ridiculous but there we are such is life.
  10. My carer does not view the content on the forum as I banned them. There may have been elfin safety issues with the old ones. They were a bit solid and could take the top of a finger orf if closed too vigorously.
  11. Yes but are you a furriner? If you had nicked it with a Pole
  12. Isn't it a bit patronising to have special types of bollards? Does he take sugar?
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. How does the bollard make it easier to get a wheelchair on and off? i'm in favour of making things accessible but I don't see how a tall fancy bollard helps in this regard. Surely if the able bodied person does the locks then they can also tie the Boat up.
  15. Canals are so aesthetically pleasing it seems a shame to add things which don't fit into the picture. They allow terrible wide beans so I guess nothing is sacred.
  16. When I got my fire made we put a 1 inch stainless steel tube through the firebox as a boiler. provided the water moves at the correct rate this will work as a boiler for radiator or hot water. It has occurred to me that one could probably run fresh cold water directly through it and tap it off via a thermostatic mixer valve. It would need an open vent through the top of the cabin and circulation would need to start before lighting the fire. I think it could work as a wood fired instantaneous water heater. Because it is a pipe it sits unused with no problems so when you don't need it you just leave it empty. One could route cold water back to the main water tank and any heated water either to a storage tank or direct to the shower. there must be calculations which can be done about energy transfer and fluid flow speed. K type thermometer in the back of the fire would be good.
  17. Like a tooth without the root? The base looks a bit like the intention is to bolt it down to concrete rather than have a load more of it under the ground. It would be great to see the blueprints.
  18. I do hand washing. Warm water, soap, wash hands. Sorted.
  19. A 'kill switch' could be quite an interesting thing to deal with the burglars but I think the owner would get into trouble with the rozzers.
  20. On a Boat which has no mains lecky connected it seems a no brainer to run hot water into the washing machine fill. At least arrange a valve so the option exists. One could perhaps use a shower mixer as the input. I guess if you want an unattended wash then it won't work so it depends on the individuals washing machine management protocols.
  21. Maybe the answer is to look at fb less often . Their algorithms cause negative content to be exaggerated so a problem like stolen Boats may be presented as more serious than it is in reality.
  22. It won't be a cold wash if you are putting hot water into the machine either with a kettle or a gas water heater. I'm just pointing out how to stop the built in heater coming on automatically. I did this with a Zanussi 3kg machine. The fill was connected to the output of the Morco water heater. It did mean that intervention was required by turning the Morco off after the first fill but that isn't terrible. I don't know how hot the wash was but the glass on the door was hot to touch during the wash cycle.
  23. The heater won't come on if you set the machine to run a cold wash.
  24. Nice Boat. Someone will get a bargain I think if that is actually what they want. It won't be an easy Boat to own. Expect surprises. Pretty. Not sure about the engine. Good shape on these perhaps @pluto can comment on it. Could make a nice electric conversion plenty of space for the solar panels ? @Pluto
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