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  1. haza

    reflek flame

    sarcasm is the lowest form off wit lol but for those who would like or feel they can help with this .whats behind this plate is it some sort of built in filter and could i take it off and have a look at it .or is it best to leave alone .thank s
  2. haza

    reflek flame

    its gravity fed.no pre filter .thanks bizz i will check out toby dvr out regards
  3. haza

    reflek flame

    thanks for that cuthound ,thats a bubble themo is it not .but thankls all the same ,now if you find the same for a refelks that would be great ..thanks
  4. haza

    reflek flame

    hi the fire starts up a blue flame is present .but after 10/15 mins it goes out .so it seems there is not enough fuel to keep it going ..would there be anyone out there who could maybe give me a price to have a look at it .i think it a case of just getting the balance right ,,pm if so .once again thanks .regards
  5. haza

    reflek flame

    thanks guys but i seem to be getting no where with this .i will keep playing about with it, i dont think i can do any harm .one thing where it say lift open in the photo .it lifts up but dont stay up just drops back to where i lifted it from ...
  6. haza

    reflek flame

    thank you very much for your help with this .i have read all your other information on theses fires and i am sure they have been a great help so thank you ....so when you say screw in the high fire screw .which one would that be ..regards
  7. haza

    reflek flame

    hi jen thank you. yes that seems to be the problem .we have tried nearly every thing .the top and the inner casing got red hot it was glowing .could it be the regulator wants resetting not that i now if that is possible ..we have gone by the guide manual to the letter and still no joy ..regards
  8. hi just yesterday i had my reflek diesel fire fitted in .been trying ever since to get a nice blue flame ..when its first lit and up and running .it gives a nice blue flame but after 10 mins along comes the yellow flame .after reading the manual several times it does not tell you how to get the flame blue flame ..any help or ideas with this would be apriciated thanks
  9. haza

    Burglar alarm

    why ? maybe its becuse the op wants one in less i missed some thing
  10. hi there i am near near longwood boat club .maybe it could be boxed up and posted or if you are not a million miles away could meet up regards 

  11. so what if all this went on at grindley brook and he gets paid for it lol
  12. you hope there boat sinks ..please say you where joking i may have miss read it
  13. well apparently the mods think your a bit of a monster ...lol ..that was a joke not ridicule lol
  14. so in 50 years of doing this ..have you never come across any other boater who does not do the locks the same as you ...i would be stunned if you have not ..i have many times . and a times its not been nice viewing lol
  15. i should have said part agree then sorry .if there was a personal attack or ridicule ,then that is not good ...but if you would have done the locks trouble free. with the aid of the guys there .would there even be a post ...i was at middlewich boat music fest couple years back ..and i got to say the abuse and the threats of violence they put up with was awful and discusting .like some one said.we dont have to except there help ..i for one will take any help i can get thanks guys
  16. like i was told once ,this is a forum ..get over it . but if you dont agree with .not just this op.but any ...dont comment .i can not see why pdi d64 is being rude .if thats is view .why is he being rude . ,i for one agree with him thats if i am allowed too ..keep a smile on your face and your laughing .
  17. hi tawny do you still have alde .i think i could make use of it as i have that in my boat .would be good for spares   regards 

  18. haza


    some time back coming to ryders green .there was a fridge in the cut still had food in ,some one did say they seen a boater throw it in of is boat .but over the years seen much worse ..
  19. wheres your buccaneers ,captain .under me buckin hat ,wheres your buccaneers
  20. well since the deep man thing. wheres the should he pay or should he not pay thread gone ,bet they are waiting to come up for air ...so its back over to you guys and girls .have fun
  21. and some come out with the same old spiel and silly emojies
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