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    My wife and grown up children. Sport in general particularly rugby & golf. If I'm not on the water, I'm on the golf course (so I'm told).
    Obviously love the waterways - what better place to relax and meet interesting and friendly folk. Volunteer with South Derbyshire Towpath Taskforce and love it.

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    Retired officer of the law
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    Ploddin' Along
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  1. Bigmac


  2. We moved to Crick last September from Kings Bromley after Castle Marinas bought it. Only moved for a change of location as we love the Leicester Line. So far we have found it to be very welcoming with extremely helpful staff. We have been with Castle Marinas for 8 of the last 9 years. We had a move away for a year to be closer to home and almost immediately regretted it.
  3. Had a walk down this morning. It's clear for passage. Tree now across half the cut and plenty of free wood available on the towpath.
  4. I was lucky enough to be able to have my lunch break up at Ladybower today. Wouldn't have missed the opportunity for the world. A fabulous sight and sound. Here are a couple of videos I managed to take.
  5. Bigmac


    Replaced my Shurflo series 3 this morning after the pressure valve packed up. It was just a year old and got a replacement under warranty from Midland Chandlers. Another chap on the marina has had 4 in 4 months with the same problem before deciding to go for a Jabasco instead. Midland Chandlers reckon they've come across this problem with the Shurflo, but it's because they sell so many and it's not faulty manufacturing.....whatever !!
  6. Tree is now in pieces on towpath and passage clear !! I'll let you guys take it on from there... I'm outta here :-)
  7. We picked up a report this morning of a large tree blocking the canal near bridge 50 above Bosley Locks. This is confirmed on Waterscape. We had hoped to travel down Bosley tomorrow. Anyone in the area can confirm how the removal or otherwise is going please.
  8. I'm not going to say the 4 Counties is not capable of being done in a BIG week, but I would check some of your destinations / timings. For instance - Day 2 you have Wheaton Aston to Penkridge down for a morning. This is a good 8 hour trip. Couple that up with going on to Tixall Wide in the afternoon and it makes it a 13 hour day at least I would suggest. Have a look at Canalplan to get some better ideas of timings etc and bear in mind it could get busy with queues and holdups at locks. Fully agree with Adam about the Caldon too - go back some other time and enjoy the best of it. Whatever you decide - have a good time (and good luck)
  9. Personal preference I suppose, but they are very varied but enjoyable routes. For the scenery, I'd go for the Shroppie. We'll keep a look out for you - we're leaving Kings Bromley sometime Saturday and heading towards Barton and on down the Soar. Have a good trip.
  10. Have a look at the sponsored boat scheme operated by Aqua Narrowboats. It might be of use to you ??? http://aquanarrowboats.co.uk/boat-sponsorship
  11. Yes it's doable in a week, and I would do the route Allan suggests via Camp Hill. I would get the bulky bit (Hatton etc) out the way first and head clockwise from Stockton. If you can fit it into your agenda, moor at Catherine de Barnes overnight on your third night and then do an early start the following morning and aim to get somewhere around Curdworth or even the bottom of Curdworth Locks where there are lovely moorings. It is a big day (we did it last summer and it was about 10.5 hours but we left at 5am !!). This stretch is not the most picturesque, but still interesting. From there you can relax a bit more as there are less locks or chances of delays. Some nice pubs along the way too. Have a good trip.
  12. Couple of pics of the boat in question
  13. Just been down to Weston Lock. BW in attendance. NB River Dancer caught on cill and bow is underwater. Looks a difficult recovery as access not good for a crane. The rudder is literally no more than 2 inches on the cill and the possibility of the boat dropping must be a concern. Really feel for the owners.
  14. Just ordered 6 guides for under £45 and got a further 8% off by going through Quidco. Bargain !!! Many thanks.
  15. I don't confess to being mechanically minded at all, but have decided to do my own this time around and it's also an Isuzu 42 with a PRM 150 gearbox. I found it to be pretty simple (and rewarding). As you say the oil extraction is made easy with the pump. The filter is a simple cartridge type. I was left new Isuzu cartridge filters by the previous owner, but am sure MIdland Chandlers will have the right patterns if you ask. The Isuzu part numbers are 44567412 for the oil filter and 71725491 for the fuel filter. The water seperator is definitely in stock at Midland Chandlers at Mercia as I got mine from there. Fram Filter 1191PL (about £3.50). A tip I was given (and others please correct me if I'm wrong) is to leave the old rubber seals in place as they are awkward (you get a pack of 4 with the filter). Just replace the cartridge. Unscrew the top nut (7/16th) and drop the cartridge out and replace leaving the old seals in place. Gearbox oil I didn't do as it was done last service by the old owners, but you use the same oil as the engine - 15/40 grade. Air filter is so simple - just unclick the housing and replace by dropping a new one in if you feels it needs it. Any probs give me a shout - I'm only 10 mins up the road in Derby. Our boat is in the dry dock at Mercia being blacked as we speak - keep an eye out for us on Friday when we pick her up !!!
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