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  1. Boat brokerage

    If you bought it through eBay do they not have a buyer protection scheme? Perhaps if the goods (the boat in your case) were not properly described then you may have some sort of recourse. Also, how did you pay for the boat? If by credit card or PayPal then again you might have some redress through them. Ken
  2. More solar advice please

    My set up has three Tracer MPPT contollers, running a total of 830 watts of solar. It is a fit and forget system. Never had to disconnect anything if the engine is running or when on shore power. If on shore power though, in my installation, the solar shuts down, presumably sensing fully charged batteries regardless of SOC. In that case I just switch off the shore power supply to get the benefit of the solar. Ken
  3. Boeing 737

    Could be. The 737, as with most aircraft, has pressurised holds. Not always heated though. On the Airbus 330 we can access the avionics bay directly under the flightdeck and from there gain access to the forward hold. Ken
  4. Numpty question about mains voltage frequency

    Thank you all for the advice. It points me in the right direction. Much appreciated. Ken
  5. Not boat related, however a friend of mine who is living in the Philippines is building a house and has asked me to ship him some electrical items (tools, lighting, battery chargers etc) which he would prefer to be sourced in the UK. The issue is that the mains voltage over there is 220/230 volt but at 60hz not the 50hz we have over here. Before I make a potentially expensive (or even lethal) mistake, is anyone able to advise if that is likely to cause a problem if 50hz equipment is operated at 60hz? And if so, what kind of equipment is likely to be most affected by the higher frequency. As always any advice will be very welcome. Ken
  6. 3 HomeFi mobile broadband

    About a year ago I upgraded my contract with '3' which included 40gb of data and the Home-Fi unit. I have found the Home-Fi works as well as the Mi-Fi and has two external aerial sockets which is good if you are in a 4g reception area. I paired mine with one of these 4g aerials from Connex Technologies and found it an excellent combination. http://www.connextech.co.uk/lmo7270-wb-smsm---4g3ggsm-mimo-outdoor-omni-antenna-1153-p.asp Not cheap, but you get what you pay for. If you are going to be fairly static then it would pay to try out '3' at your mooring before you commit yourself. My experience of Vodafone is mediocre at best. I still find '3' to be excellent during our extensive travels around the system. The Home-Fi unit supplied by '3' is 240v but it is reduced to 12v IIRC and I power mine from a 12v power supply I got from Maplins. Another good make of aerials is Solwise. I use their Wi-Fi range extender which I find excellent. I have heard good reports of their 4g external aerials but have no direct experience of them myself. Ken
  7. Post / Royal Mail on a Canal Boat

    Welcome to the forum. There are several such services available to boaters. One example is Boatmail. They can be found in the classified sections of boating magazines and towpath talk or the They might be a good place to start to see what the 'competition' are offering. Ken
  8. Which Emergency Knife?

    I also have a Gerber, left over from my sailing days. In addition I use a bread knife for clearing stuff from the prop. I also have a pair of bolt croppers in case I get any wire wrapped around the prop, but so far haven't needed them. Ken
  9. Somewhere for winter

    Yelvertoft Marina. Also has a slipway and yard (and also a covered shed) where you can DIY. Very friendly marina and not far from Braunston for chandleries and other canal related services if required. Also close to the A14 and jcn 18 of the M1. Ken
  10. Stolen Boat

    There was a thread about this last week. https://canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/topic/92860-stolen-boat/ Fortunately the boat was recovered very quickly, but not before quite a bit of damage was caused, it would seem. Still not nice to have that happen though, damage or no. Ken
  11. Improving onboard Mobile communications

    It doesn't seem to have an external aerial capability so it probably wouldn't be much better inside a steel narrowboat than a Mi-fi unit. Reading the 'blurb' it suggests the unit can be positioned anywhere to obtain the best signal. I would suggest putting it outside on the roof would not be a practical solution. Ken
  12. Electric set up advice

    We have been on our marina berth a lot this summer due to a number of reasons and have found that our electric consumption from the meter has been drastically reduced due to our solar array. We have a large fridge, two freezers and the usual gadgets of modern life so our normal electric consumption is fairly high. Solar caters for pretty much everything except the hot water which is provided by the immersion heater when either the engine or diesel heating system isn't on. We just switch the shore power on for about an hour or so per day to give us a tank full of water or when using high load items like the washing machine. Judging by the amount of prepay meter cards I have been buying this summer I would say my electric costs have been reduced by about 60-70% compared to my pre-solar usage. In cash terms that amounts to a saving of about £30 a month. I have found that it is neccessary to switch off the shorepower (we have a Victron Multiplus inverter/charger) as otherwise the MPPT controller shuts down the panels as it senses the batteries are charged and the solar capability is wasted. Ken
  13. Electric set up advice

    You can't have too much solar IMHO. And fit an MPPT controller. You don't say whether you will be CCing or usually attached to shore power. 140 watts of solar won't be enough if you are living aboard and expect a usefull contribution to your electrical needs. We have 700 watts and find that provides most of our needs throughout the summer. Bear in mind that on cloudy days, your panel will produce a lot less power. To produce electricity off grid is going to be expensive, either by engine or genny, and is likely to cost you around £1 per hour as a rough ball park figure. Solar of course is free after the initial costs. Even if you are attached to shorepower, electricity still costs. I find that I only need to have the shorepower switched on for only an hour or two a day to run power hungry items such as immersion, washing machine, iron, etc. So even having shore power available, solar is still a very cost effective option. Having said that, solar will be pretty much useless for your needs in winter. Ken
  14. Winter moorings (unattended)

    I also recommend the Meaco DD8L dehumidifier. It has a drain tube facility which I drain into the sink and importantly, if you have a power interruption such as a power cut or running out of credit on your berth, when the power comes back on it stays on the same setting. Some, when power fails, need to be switched on again manually. It is also very economical as, once it gets to the desired humidity setting it goes into 'sleep' mode, and samples the air every every 30 minutes, only switching back on when it senses the humidity has risen to the set level. It also keeps the cabin surprisingly warm. Ken
  15. Diesel Thieves & Speed Boats

    Perfect solution. Prevents you losing diesel and you get a free pump-out at the same time - result! Ken