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  1. After 30 years of annual hiring, Covid and other concerns put us off last year and this (so far). Am interested to know whether any difficulties arose getting tables at pubs for evening meals, particularly in the Midlands/Northern canals.
  2. Anglo Welsh. Back in November I booked a week in May from their Bath base, paid £336 deposit, for our annual lads’ trip (45th one!). Of six crew, 3 are over eighty (2 of whom are now classed as critically vulnerable to covid), one youngster in his fifties is similarly classed due to a heart condition though a mere sixty. The two others could well survive the trip, up Caen Hill and onward a bit, then return. Then covid struck and the pubs and restaurants were shut. This would mean considerable problems for us. So I told Anglo Welsh by email that we wished to cancel and due to our particular circumstances requested return of my deposit. Response came there none. Then canal travel was stopped anyway. So I asked again for my deposit and received an identical response. What is on offer from Anglo Welsh is deferment. In other words they assume your dates are flexible and they decide to defer, we don’t. Meanwhile they retain the deposit. At some future date, possibly next year, if our gallant crew survive intact and if Anglo Welsh do not go bust meantime, we will presumably be told we can book again. We may be in no condition to do so. I am not asking anyone to support my position on this or otherwise. I am just saying beware of hiring until there is some certainty that you will be able to have your trip when you want it and before you die.
  3. Can't be doing with the sloppy inaccuracies - like the narrowboats are always referred to as 'barges', canalling is 'barging', the Harecastle tunnel is on the Caldon. And whenever did the tunnel keeper ever appear to wish you a happy trip through?
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  6. There are about 17 swing bridges between Skipton and Bingley. anyone know if any of these are locked open for boats?
  7. Do canals attract pedants?
  8. Some year back in the 1980s we stopped at Castleford lock to find out about these 'paddles' we'd heard about before we turned into the Calder & Hebble, only we had heard them referred to as capstan spikes. The locky confirmed that we needed one to proceed and kindly gave us one. Those were the days. We used it twice. I brought it home and kept it safe as a means to repel burglars. Your 'baseball bat' description is most apt. I sometimes wonder to which of these uses it may next be applied. Probably neither.
  9. Thanks all for EA key info. How did windlasses get to be called lock keys? By the same bloke who called narrowboats barges?
  10. I am confused by all the various names given to keys for operating locks (I am easily confused). Help please! For the CRT canal system there is no problem, one BWB/CRT key operates the water taps and sanitary stations, while the anti-vandal key works on all paddles I think, where it applies. But when you come to the EA River Nene, I have seen the lock key required described as EA key, EA Ablon key, Watermate key. Are these all the same thing? And will the CRT/BWB and anti-vandal keys work on the Nene locks anyway?
  11. Thinking of cruising the Nene this April. Anyone know how long in hours/days it would take from Northampton to Peterborough, assuming 7mph and no stoppages? Any advice welcome!
  12. Many thanks all. Think we'll turn at the winding hole and moor after a little reversing. The extent of detailed knowledge on this forum never ceases to amaze!
  13. Can a 62ft boat be turned at Stoke Bruerne museum? Approaching from the north it seems that otherwise if you miss the two winding holes which are half a mile north of the museum, you would need to turn the six locks twice to get turned around.
  14. Anyone know if there is a winding hole near Grindley Brook staircase on the Whitchurch side? There is nothing shown on Nicholsons 2007 edition guide before the Whitchurch Arm, but I thought wishfully that there might be.
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