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  1. Of course it's not cost effective to dredge to 6 foot now, but wouldn't it be nice to be cruising with 6 foot of water under you all the time! Slipping smoothly through the water rather than grinding through silt!
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  5. I have a MBP and can run it fine from my 150 watt cheapo maplins inverter (cost about £20 i think). I also have a 12v cigarette lighter adaptor thingy bought on ebay which runs it fine too and I suspect converts the power more efficiently.
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  7. installing it now! thank god! Apple maps was probably the worst thing Apple have ever done.
  8. Check recend threads on Whilton. Just be careful!
  9. your link's buggered. nice video though. should have been in the jubilee flotilla
  10. I was waiting for that one! I can't believe you actually said it though. How about 'you earn disrepect'? I prefer to show respect to everyone unless they give me good reason not to. Wouldn't the world be a truly horrible place if everyone disrespected each other as a matter of course, until they'd 'earned respect'. Thankfully most people aren't like you. That's all I have to say.
  11. the current situation? The one we've just been discussing on this long thread? Well that would be a complete lack of uptake of winter moorings. Check https://www.crtmoorings.com/winter-moorings.php for more details. What a delightful attitude you have. That was sarcasm by the way. - if more people showed consideration for other peoples' feelings, wouldn't we all benefit? - why on earth would anyone choose to be offended? - try showing some respect for others.
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  13. From the album: PIctures

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  14. Have to agree with Ken. Bad manners are bad manners wherever you come from. Consider whether you would say something to someones face before saying on here. In fact, be even more careful on here where tone of voice, sarcasm etc can be misinterpreted. If someone takes offence at something you say, even if you don't think they should be, just apologise. I can't really see that making much difference to the current situation
  15. Thanks. I don't agree with everything you say but it makes a nice change to read some well thought and a constructive ideas on here, rather than the same old arguments going round and round in circles with no fresh ideas or way forward. Have a greenie!
  16. Keep me posted then. I won't be holding my breath.
  17. I had no idea that this was news to anyone. Fair enough in certail areas (K&A, London) enforcement may be stricter but around the bulk of the country this is just a non-issue. If anyone wants a free mooring for the winter, try the HBC, I haven't seen a single enforcement officer since moving here. I pay a mooring fee for: security, electricity, wifi and convenience. Complying with the rules hardly enters into it. Come the spring I may cc for a bit, who knows?
  18. I didn't say you wont see officers, I said you wont see enforcement. How many boats did they move on? Then your experience is very different to mine. In the areas I know about there is virtually no interest in winter moorings at any price. In fact there was some degree of amusement amongst cc'ers that I'd taken a winter mooring at all (at any price). If I gave up my home mooring, I'd have no interest in winter moorings because i could easily stay for free in a much better spot than the winter mooring sites.
  19. I had a winter mooring, 2 years ago and it cost less than 1/12 of a local towpath mooring. The uptake from approx 10 berths was just me! Don't believe everything that you read. The real reason that winter moorings aren't taken is that there's little or no incentive for cc'er to take them. Even if they were £20 a month, that's still £20 more than nothing if you just moor up permanently for the coldest 3 months or so, since you're highly unlikely to see any enforcement during the winter around most of the country. This issue is just a big red herring. Tell us then. How many?
  20. I started reading this thread with an open mind and was soon swayed by Alan's arguments, but reading on I find that Chris makes some very valid points too! Oh to be so sure of oneself! For my part, I think cc'ers should pay a higher license fee anyway since they use 'free' visitor facilities more than those who pay for a home mooring (unless the boat with a home mooring does a lot of cruising, in which case they are paying through the nose for their mooring anyway!) But I can't see why we need to offer cc'ers a free winter mooring to sweeten the deal. People will be coming to blows over the 'best' mooring spots. Much simpler to lay off cc'ers from november to march. The cut is quiet, the stoppages are many, the holidaymakers are gone, the ice has formed, the visitor moorings are empty... what's the point of enforcing anything at that time of year? I'd be interested to see the income from winter moorings for those 5 months compared to cost of bankside enforcement over the same period. Finally, I would ring-fence the addition money gathered from cc'ers licenses to reimburse councils and other local agencies for the services those cc'ers use, neatly sidestepping the council tax debate and meaning that people who cc can access services legitimately without having to use pretend land addresses etc.
  21. My boat is pretty open which I like for the feeling of space, although I think that comes from the amount of light and the pale wood as much as anything else. The bit that isnt open with the rest of the boat is the bedroom right at the front. I prefer this for two reasons: 1. I like to sleep in a cooler temperature so it helps to be seperated from the stove area which gets too hot. 2. My duvet doesn't end up smelling of fry-up! If I had a smaller boat, I'd probably have to bite the bullet and go for fully open-plan with a make up sofa-bed. A friend used to have a reverse layout cruiser stern boat which was around 30-35ft and had a fixed double in the bow but didn't really have any sort of living area. From stern to bow it was: kitchen, 'chair', bathroom, bedroom. Wouldn't have worked for me at all.
  22. This made me remember my idea to install a water cannon to the back deck of my boat to extract retribution for the a-holes who like to throw stones at boats. Plenty of free ammunition available...
  23. Indeed! This is no more useful than a boat on a trailer. My humble apologies for starting such a ridiculous thread! The terrawind is brilliant though!
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