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  1. I think that might be a canal too far, even for a man of your considerable stamina, Matty.
  2. As my house sale looks like going through before Xmas I will be moving to warmer climes for the winter (not with the boat!) I will miss yet another banter I can suggest a good venue in the south of Spain though.
  3. I'm sure Millie is good for many years yet, Ange - if she stops trying to steal huge bones from other dogs Thanks Brian but it seems Towergate, who I am currently with, do not offer pet insurance (except horses!)
  4. Just seen this thread and ordered my sim. I am going to Spain for the winter so ideally wouldn't want to start till I get back at end of February. According to the instructions on the EE site I have to activate it and pay the £10 within 14 days to qualify for the 100Gb. People have posted that they have two to start on different dates. How do you do this please? Do you pay the top up then delay sending the text requesting the "free" data. If so what happens when your £10 top up runs out after 30 days? From the EE website: "Christmas SIM: Get your SIM by 23:59 on 29 December 2015,
  5. Not something I had considered but as I am about to become bricks and mortarless I will have to do so. As I take a winter marina mooring I may be able to use the marina address even though I will not be living on the boat much (warmer climes beckon!). I wouldn't like to be without cover - not only for possibility of huge vet fees (like another poster I choose a large excess) but 3rd party. As someone said causing a car crash could bankrupt you!
  6. It isn't somewhere I would want to moor any longer than to get the shopping. Only once out of half a dozen times have I not been able to moor. Going up through the lock provides much better moorings. If you are only there for a couple of hours and spend the time shopping how are they going to collect the fee?
  7. Gutted I will not be able to make it. Received an offer on the house and my purchasers buyers are pressing for early completion so I have to get back to the house and continue the great clear out! Couldn't resist enjoying this fantastic spell of weather on the T&M before going into King's Bromley for the winter next week. Have a great time everyone Next year I am definitely getting to a banter!
  8. One top gate post has completely snapped. Now letting one boat through at a time - on ropes. Lock to be open 900-1500 (1730 today) but a lot of boats are queuing already.
  9. I think it is to decide who will make the decision
  10. I am moored on the flight. Nothing happened today yet. The word is there is a meeting in Milton Keynes to decide what to do about it.
  11. Thanks Matty - very useful (assuming reasonably accurate). I currently use Opensignal on the phone but mainly to check the signal when I am looking for somewhere to moor. As the "map" relies on input from users there are not many tests on the canals but can give an indication.
  12. Don't miss the Blue Mallard in Burscough, especially if they are still doing the early bird special (£12.95 for two courses two years ago). A friend from Scotland who was with me at the time reckoned it was the best meal she had had. Also the Farmers Arms at bridge 31 does one of the best burgers in Britain.
  13. Depends which way the pointy end heads after blacking next week at Stowe Hill but hope to be there. That will make it two years since my last proper banter so beware
  14. Finally back on boat. Still on K&A and planning to head up Thames then up South Oxford so may well be about for your banter. Boat is a bit sick though and hoping to get to Matty before she decides not to go any further.
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