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  1. My favourite too. Will miss Olive and hats by the fire on quiet nights.
  2. I've cleard all the contaminated oil and flushed several times with new oil. There does not appear to be any leakage of oil anywhere and no water ingress. I presume therefore that when the water got in the bilge there must be a breather but cannot find it. Anyway all seems well and I;m up and running again. Thanks for the advice and the technological explanations which were way above my head.
  3. Bare Arts rarely open back in May and definitely for sale.. For some weird reason the owner is moving to Lancashire/ The Polished Knob can be good, music on Monday afternoon and full of pensioners. Good selection of cheap beers. When in Hebden try the Fox and Goose. Shire cruisers in Sowerby do pump outs.
  4. I see water is being pumped from below lock one to the pound above tuel lane lock. Don't know if any more pumping further up but it suggests they are trying to get it open.
  5. I.ve flushed through with fresh oil several times until there is no sign of emulsifying. I.ve then run the engine for a shprt time with n adverse effects. I;m now running a bit lionger with regular checks. so far nothing going wrong so a complete mystery as to how water got in and emulsified oil got out.
  6. I've had that o ring leakinginh before so you could be right. Think I'll replace it anyway been flushing through with oil but need more. Then I'll have to run it for leak spotting.
  7. Alan, I don't know how the water got in but oil also got out hence the emulsified oil in the drip tray. Sam, the above cleats your questions think. Thanks for the bypass idea to obtain electric I first have to find the leak which must exist. Solve that then how do I clean the gearbox.
  8. The water only reached the bottom third of the gearbox and I haven't run it. I need to soon or I'll run our of electric power and I've just filled the fridge. Further investigations tomorrow.
  9. Two days ago the stern gland started leaking badly at the same tie the bilge pump packed in, consequently I had quite a bit f water in the engine hole. Today, when going to repack the gland I saw emulsified oil in the drip pan. On checing the gearbx oil it was full of emulsified oil. I have not yet looked to see where the ingress / egress occurred but once found and rectified any advice on how to clean out the gearbox? It's a PRM 150
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. Thought that wuld be your answer I now you love the Rochdale really.
  12. If you want to get back we could team up to do the Rochdale, but it will be a while before i'm in the north.
  13. Thought it was odd, issued as a press release but not a restriction notice. All is now clear. Just have to hope marple is sorted as I really don't want to do the Rochdale yet again.
  14. I got the wrong lock. AC canal plan thinks yew tree lock is lock 44 at red bull. Sorry about the type face. Important repairs begin to historic lock on Trent & Mersey Canal We are carrying out repairs to Lock 44, Yew Tree Lock on the Trent & Mersey Canal in Stoke. Trent & Mersey Lock 44 new gate Our skilled workmen and engineers will be removing the old lock gates by a crane before new ones are fitted, as well as repointing and replacing missing brickwork from the lock chamber. The work is costing around £30,000 and will be completed in five weeks. David Baldacchino, from the Trust, said: "The Trent & Mersey Canal is such an important part of the region’s heritage so the work we’re doing will ensure boaters can continue to use this popular waterway. It’s vital that we keep the canal in good working order for the local people who use it to walk to school and work or as a place to get away from it all." The Trent & Mersey Canal runs for 93 miles from the Bridgewater Canal at Preston Brook to Shardlow and the River Trent and includes the towering Anderton Boat Lift, Stoke-on-Trent’s famous potteries and the nature reserve at picturesque Fradley Junction. The new lock gates are hand-crafted using traditional methods in the Trust’s specialist workshops at Bradley in the West Midlands and Stanley Ferry in Yorkshire. A single lock gate can take up to 20 days to make and has a working life of between 25 and 30 years. In order to be watertight, they need to be built very precisely, fitting tightly to the masonry of the lock walls and to each other.
  15. Still am but I've failed as yet to get the boat fit for sale. surprise surprise.
  16. If it's not going to open I'll have to head for the Rochdale, but as a lock is closed at Red Bull it probably means doing the Shroppie which is somewhat longer.
  17. Is there an update on the Marple Flight. Last I heard they hoped to reopen with restricted width. I'm still aiming to pass Standedge by 3ed of November, Currently on the Thames heading for Oxford.
  18. I was looking to get closer to home for my passenger but she'll just have to catch a train from Brentford.
  19. Mooring above Teddington involves a fee I presume. I will be heading back onto the GU afterwards so don't really want to be paying for a Thames License.
  20. In a few weeks I am intending to travel the Thames from Limehouse. To Brentford no problem. However can I get further - say Richmond and find a mooring for the night. I am guessing that leaving 2.5 hours before high water I would miss the level at Richmond. Are there moorings below the weir? Or can I leave Limehouse earlier and moor below Teddington Lock?
  21. If I were selling a boat (which I am) I wouldn't have a clue how to advertise it on Facebook. Though I might try and find out.
  22. I had that at Hebden Bridge. The bloke just said boats aren't allowed to cruise in the winter. Sometimes you just have to put people right.
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  24. On the current manual it is page 38, the full wiring diagram. Be very grateful for a copy. Email is montycol(at).gmail.com
  25. Having searched my boat in vain for my manual I downloaded a copy but the bit I need is off the page. Does anyone have a copy of the wiring diagram they could email to me. I could also arrange to pick it up on Saturday et Ricky should that suit.
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