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  1. I Had the same problem a couple of years ago. Various diagnoses were lift pump (replaced but didn’ cure the problem), worn injectors dripping (replaced - didn’t cure the problem) and then TB suggested the seal on the injector pump. Pump was replaced and problem solved. One word of warning though, if the problem isn’t sorted the diesel level can get to a point in the sump where it self ignites, the engine runs away and is virtually impossible to stop until it self disintegrates! Drastic, I know, but apparently it can happen.
  2. guelrose

    New cooker

    Try a Calor Gas Showroom. We went to Stoke on Trent. £340 for a stand alone cooker, 500mm wide, fully ready for lpg. Delivery I think was a tenner!!
  3. Mikey on Victoria was actively involved and I think the other narrowboat was Lupin? The steamboat I think was a tug from Wood Hall and Heward from just below Springers Lock.
  4. This is Stockers Lock on the GU just below Ricky. We were held up here for almost 2 hours whilst they were filming the girl walking across the lock gate. The lock cottage got a complete makeover on the outside as recompense for the disruption of filming.
  5. Another clue, there is a kebab van just up the road and two of the crew are on their way.....
  6. Guelrose is 'almost' in her starting position.... Been here since noon, only trouble is two other challengers are her as well and they are below the locks, we have to turn, reverse down the lock, take a photo and then come back up the lock. One crew member is crashed out already, I am here and the rest are still in the pub!! What time are we supposed to be starting in the morning? p.s. How do I post a photo.....?
  7. Thank you for the photo Captain Pegg. I thought that hiding a 70 foot boat in an obvious place would mean I would not be discovered.... Now I am going to have to move tomorrow morning!! (My time was up on the mooring anyway)
  8. IF I have to change the fuel filter housing will I get away without having to bleed the injector pump?
  9. Guelrose is now safely moored in Brum and will move to its 'top secret' start point on Thursday, ready for the crew to arrive on Friday. Needless, to say, there is a pub very close to our start point... The fishing match on Saturday will be interesting, and don't forget, Aston number 2 lock is closed if you are ... sorry were ..... going that way. Never mind, Ashtead and Garrison is still available, however only for the same points but by my calculations it is at least a mile further.... Good luck to all, hope to see most of you, either during the challenge or at the bar in Hawne Basin.
  10. Our BMC 1.8 is now on just over 12000 hours in 26 years. Servicing as per the Thorneycroft manual every 200 hours...
  11. BMC 1.8 (Thorneycroft 108) recommends every 200 hours which I have stuck to (give or take 10 per cent) for the last 12000 hours and 26 years. Fuel filter etc changed at the same interval.
  12. guelrose

    Injector pipe leak

    A few weeks ago I had a reconditioned injector pump fitted. I have recently noticed that there was a small leak from one of the injector pipe unions where it is fitted to the pump. I have now fitted a new injector pipe and there is still a small leak. Any suggestions as to how to stop the leak please?
  13. guelrose

    Fuel injector pipes

    If I replace two of the injector pipes will it be necessary to bleed the injector pump?
  14. Unfortunately Team Guelrose will have to retire from the challenge. We have broken down at Brownhills and could not fix it ourselves so it will have to be an RCR call out in the morning.
  15. Team GUELROSE will also be taking part, crewed by Mike, Victor, Rosewood, Nobby, Wobblers and Tom..... See you all over the weekend, hopefully going in the opposite direction to us!!
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