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  1. My Facebook feed seems to carry ads from a few coal and smokeless merchants who are in Northern Ireland….they still do coal and can supply a pallet or half pallet with “free” shipping to the mainland. I’m not sure what would happen if you placed an order for house coal….you might get the Greta police on your doorstep!! Their prices are very reasonable however for all the fuels. clickcoal.com is one company.
  2. From the wording on the post it almost sounds as if it could be a boat mover…..and if they can’t cope with that it’s a worry!!
  3. frangar

    JP2M swivel pin?

    I should be able to take a picture in the next couple of days but it will probably be the end of next week before I can get the callipers for an accurate measurement. I guess you mean the pin where the rod goes through that then goes to the bell crank and then to the injector pump? I’ll take some pictures of mine in situ so you can see how it fits together as well.
  4. frangar

    JP2M swivel pin?

    If you aren't in a hurry I can take measurements of mine but do remind me and I will need to pick up my callipers from work
  5. Surely thats the one for cooling.....red is what you need as a heater
  6. Im glad that told me it was a scam.....I nearly brought several!
  7. I think it would probably power the Flying scotsman looking from how it melts the snow on a roof so a cup of tea will take less than a second
  8. Yet it also fits in a car....so it must change its size depending where it's used....that is quite a useful selling point I hope they would have mentioned
  9. Just seen this advertised on farcebook https://warmerdp.com/products/kinetic?fbclid=IwAR2wj_MUQmyc8Z-XFNUMEc6s9tPn00WJeBd094k8YTvXsUbRCPymEfo2isg It's truly a miracle.....Im really hoping it will keep my axiom prop clear of ice this year.....I might not even have to use my coalcage..... PS All the above is sarcasm....I actually thought it was a spoof site but it appears not....please can someone buy one and report back here.... Im just off to plug my grounded blanket in and find my radiation blocker for my router....
  10. I dont want to have a fixed pipe to the boat...I can plumb the pump into a soil pipe on land but the boat connection will need to be removable for a number of reasons....not least of which is pipes tend to freeze in winter!
  11. I dont use the luxury loo roll at all! Aldi all the way here Part of the joy of a pump out is not having to worry about emptying tanks every few days...If I am going to use it like that then I may as well just use the back up grotty potty....Id rather just have to get the suction hose out every couple of weeks and empty a full tank. I might not be paying but my time can be better used doing other things.
  12. I will have another look at Machine Mart but I couldn't see if they did a 240v pump that could handle solids or semi solids...all their "trash" pumps seem to be petrol powered which I'm not keen on from a noise and convenience point of view. I obviously need to look harder! I have looked at the 12v Whale pump....indeed it's what LeeSan fit in a box along with a 240v AC to 12v DC converter to make a 240v unit but as David says its got a much lower flow rate which like my manual pump is OK for an occasional tank empty but is poor when you want to do a rinse out and get rid of the sludge build up...I'm not also sure about the duty cycle when it might have to run for a while...that was something LeeSan raised as well when I asked about it. As an aside Mack Engineering do the Jabsco pumps cheaper than Jabsco themselves! I could as Magnetman suggests dilute more but I think not putting toilet paper down isnt an option...even the OH has some limits! I can see me paying for the more expensive jabsco....to be honest as long as it does the job the cost while high isnt that great in the overall scheme of things at present....however it best be better engineered than their fresh water pumps are now!...I dont want to be replacing it every 4 years...if ever! Thanks for all your thoughts and suggestions....I will ponder some more!
  13. I will hopefully be moving to a new mooring soon where I will need a dockside pump out pump to discharge into a mains sewer. I've looked at Leesan and Jabscoshop and it seems a Jabsco 080 black water pump like this https://www.jabscoshop.com/marine/pumps/toilet-waste-pumps/53081-2061-230-utility-80-1-self-priming-pump-230volt1-phase50hz-ac.htm Is the recommended unit albeit at an eye watering price. There is a cheaper (Slightly!) 080 model https://www.jabscoshop.com/marine/pumps/versatile-utility-pumps/53081-2001-230-utility-80-1-self-priming-flexible-impeller-pump-230volt1-phase50hz-ac.htm but due to the cam design in the pump this isnt recommended for unmacerated waste having spoken to Jabsco tech support My question is does anyone else use a different pump and would they recommend it?....I actually don't mind paying if this is the best option but despite lots of searching I havent really found an equivalent....I have found some suppliers suggesting the cheaper model is OK for toilet waste but I really dont fancy cleaning a clogged pump too often. I dont need a kit with all the pipework as it is going to be a permanent fixture on the outlet side...and I can source the inlet pipe and fittings. I do already have a manual pump out kit which I can use but having a mains operated one just seems more convenient for regular use. I am starting to see why a pump out service costs so much!...I did wonder about offering a pump out service to other passing boats to recoup the cost!!!
  14. Given the damage around where the flue/chimney it’s strange they don’t know what caused the fire!
  15. A “low cost” Marina and the facilities you want may not be compatible. Also marinas tend to have a sliding charge for those of us spending more time aboard. I’m fine with this but the fact remains that to liveaboard shouldn’t be seen as a cheap lifestyle or a way to save money over a land based dwelling if you want to be comfortable and do so legally.
  16. Apart from you do have to pay for a licence in most marinas…..
  17. Unless as I said you as a director are made personally liable for any debts by suppliers. I’ve had a few suppliers say we have to agree or we don’t get a credit account….not an issue for my company as we take care of our cash flow but I suspect they had one too many debts they couldn’t get back….it seems more popular with plant hire companies….and whilst I could go to other hire companies I like using those I know and trust to offer a good service.
  18. It would actually be beneficial in areas of high use and lack of movement. The user could stay put and CRT would get income. A win all round.
  19. No need….I promise I’ll introduce myself when I see him.
  20. Just telling the truth. Anyhow I’ll be sure to introduce myself should I see you. Feel free to post your ideas on how to increase CRT income at some point. I’ll await them with interest.
  21. I do love how you need to latch onto others on here to back up your arguments….as I’ve always suspected you are incapable of independent thought….oh and you’d be amazed what’s said about you via DM’s…..
  22. Really?? For making a valid point about how to fund the shortfall in CRT funds? You really can’t help but making a dig can you? It must be a sad life you lead. Depends if you were being an idiot at the time….if you were I’d soon have pointed it out. I’ll be sure to introduce myself next time. What’s your suggestion for funding the shortfall in CRT income with a reduced grant? Why shouldn’t those that use more CRT facilities pay extra? Why not pay extra to moor on a towpath in one spot? It’s what most users in london and the like seem to want. I’ll stand by for the personal insults or mention of Rwanda for some inexplicable reason….
  23. So the fact I was called a twat by someone is Ok then?? One isn’t allowed to reply to being insulted? I shall look forward to a face to face discussion any time you like.
  24. Why shouldn’t you pay extra? It would allow you to remain bolted to one place. It’s what most CM types seem to want especially in places like London. I’m guessing you just want a boat as you think it’s a cheap way of living then? Oh and just to clear up any confusion I’ve been a liveaboard boater for over 30 years now…and I’ve paid for a mooring when I need to be in one place…it’s really not tricky
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