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    boats (obviously!), going to gigs, steampunk

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    Aldebaran and Reginald
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  1. wow! loads of brill music, I have to add these by the awesome A Genuine Freakshow, cos our son is the drummer and there's a LOT of drumming in this one -
  2. Reverse it. If you have a wife dogsbody/partner you can get them to walk along the towpath holding on to the bow rope to help keep it straight and shout at them when they do it wrong ('dragging the bucket thing' didn't seem to make any difference)
  3. This is very sad, but whatever troubles she had, she's now at peace.
  4. yes, that is what I meant sorry your hopes were cruelly dashed (as child No. 4 would put it) re engine pictures - Mike may have some tho !
  5. Reginald's engine is awesome I've uploaded a few pictures in the gallery, not sure if this link will work tho ... http://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?app=gallery&module=user&user=14527&do=view_album&album=694 hurrah! it does
  6. I heard that it's bad luck to change a boat's name unless you keep the original name on the boat somewhere. We re-named our first boat from Mischief to Jethro. I'm a bit superstitious (much to Boilermans chagrin) and I made a little plaque that we put on the engine room wall that just said 'Jethro formerly known as Mischief'.
  7. Reginald mostly on the Shroppie and sometimes on the Staffs and Worcester
  8. mobile update not far now, only 3 incidents so far, stuck in forward gear :-S, only have reverse when Reginald feels like it and got stuck in Awbridge lock for about an hour, had to be towed out (violently) in the end, after opening and closing top sluices to make waves, rocking, etc. etc. Many thanks to owners of Lutra Lutra and Roach and whoever else was helping today hopefully some pics to follow
  9. Thanks! we will (just sneaking reply before 2pm office lunchtime curfew )
  10. New on here, so not sure if this is the right place for this, but so looking forward to taking Reginald for his first Big Trip on the Shropshire Union We are taking him from Grubb Street to Orion boats, leaving tomorrow, which is apparently going to take us two days (according to Mike the Boilerman, and of course he's bound to be right ) Just keeping my fingers crossed that he won't break down. (Reginald that is, not Mike !) and that the weather stays sunny. (obviously I hope Mike doesn't break down either)
  11. Looking forward to trip on Reginald at the weekend :)

  12. Hurrah! don't have any helpful suggestions, but we have a porta-potti - it's fine! (although I don't empty it Mr PinkWaterFairy does that )
  13. haha! - that made me laugh out loud kids of today! no sense of humour I don't like pump outs at all, much prefer porta pottis, but then I don't have to empty it (think that's Mr PinkWaterFairy's job )
  14. just been reading this, exciting! hope it works out for you We just had Reginal sign-written by someone on the Shropshire Union, he was very reasonable - not sure where you are located tho
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