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  1. feck, snowballing with glasses sucks, wheres open for a 1hr service?

  2. Afew views of the lunden

  3. Super day at the severn valley railway for peter crawleys memorial train

  4. when will it be safe to plug the football 24/7 box, oops i mean tele back in.

  5. my phone had a mardy yesterday, can people send me a text so can readd to my contacts, don't forget to put your name on the messagethanks

  6. The climbing frame is gone. An someones put a new house where mine was.

  7. i might be tempted to boat over, thurmaston is only afew hours away. see what floods an ice do at the time
  8. Where did the beach go?

  9. The army dropped in at the flying field

  10. watch out, he's posted the chart upside down, could have caused a nasty accident.
  11. Anyone know a hire place that does cherry pickers cheap?

  12. some of my fleet will be there, if you come pop over an say hello
  13. an then matty checks the anchors not been left deployed after the banters
  14. yes I was at the xmas banter. knew your face was familiar. didn't manage to squash me in the locks
  15. was it you i shared a couple of locks with on the way to thurmaston today? there were afew spaces around the curve yesterday morning
  16. they seem to have found a way of saving money on the local section, there using the high voltage power lines already on the route for the overhead wires for the trains. that or putting half of derbyshire into darkness
  17. yeh i ment the one you lowered the cam then nearly crashed into a tree after the bridge
  18. that bridge was abit close. and watch out for that tree
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