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  1. Lyca and talk home mobile do introductory offer deals and use the EE network. THM use all bands too
  2. I don't know of anyone who builds Cat C "sailaway" hulls. I imagine the cost is a bit more than a narrowboat sailaway. As above though, the laws of physics dictate that a boat designed for Cat C is going to be boat shaped (and draft), thus not really suitable for canals or living aboard (since the 6'10" width and being boat shaped will render it very small inside).
  3. Clicking and starter not turning? Yep obvs fuel solenoid
  4. Yeah as above, should be able to source a replacement battery. I believe eBay can deliver to a collection point eg a local garage/convenience store. Not sure if Amazon can do similar.
  5. You don't NEED a sacrificial link in the chain supporting a fender. What you do need, is some way of ensuring the fender doesn't hang up (or pin down) the boat. If it has a slight slope in the top, it will push the boat back if caught going up. And if the chains aren't too tight and its located near the top, it will ride up if caught going down.
  6. Paul C


    I'm pretty sure you can, which is why the regulations say "distributor", "in the supply chain" rather than simply "the seller". In fact, both the true owner and the broker would be "selling" in the broadest sense, because the true owner has offered it and the broker is doing the promotion/negotiation element of the sale. Tens of thousands of car dealers have stocking loan facilities and they are definitely the ones selling them (not the stocking loan financier, even though they are the true owner while it sits on a dealer forecourt). See above - they don't use the term "selling", they use phraseology which is more wide-reaching. Brokers are definitely liable for this.
  7. Paul C


    There's going to be a lot (I'd say, a majority) of boats which do have a valid RCD and haven't been sufficiently modified to need a PCA - you know, the "standard" boats which have been built by a reasonable builder and the owner(s) haven't been the DIY tinkering type. Brokers will be happy to sell those kind of boats. I don't think there will be enough modified and DIY-built sailaways to worry brokers into altering their stance.
  8. I’ll happily admit my moral standpoint is to remain within the law. If you live outside the law, then life becomes interesting. I guess, “don’t do the crime unless you can do the time” might be a good mantra to live by. As a CMer there is always the possibility of licence non renewal, s.8, etc
  9. Can you give an example of a solution to “the problem “ which is savoury?
  10. I am not sure if you meant MtB or the non-moving boater as the idiot. If the non-moving boater hadn't taken the piss quite so blatantly, the observing home moorers might not have become so disgruntled (and felt like an idiot), and the genuine CCer might not have suffered with the CCer surcharge. Who's the root cause of the "issue" here?
  11. It’s not about “how far do I have to move?” That style of question illustrates that they’re after a minimum, so unlikely to be on a bona fide cruise.
  12. They can’t break the law just because of a lack of moorings in their particular chosen area.
  13. The level of fine is already enshrined in legislation, I think it’s £10/day though, not £150
  14. I am surprised you would choose to dismiss others’ observations along their path, because it’s one of those things that’s impossible for one person alone to gather a wide view of. You’d either have to accept their views or concede you don’t have an overall picture. As I said before, what exactly is “the problem”?
  15. I suspect tracker is a non-starter. What is the “problem “ the tracker will “solve”? 1984?
  16. Would need more primary law. If CRT were to table, and get time for, more law they’d probably try eliminate CCing as it’s too burdensome to administer
  17. There are definitely boating communities but there isn't one unified (or even a vague majority view) boating community.
  18. It looks like it did extend, at the start of the month. We’re now debating the rate.
  19. it means to turn it over by hand and feel how it resists. That’s good but if you’re guessing at parts and replacing them instead of diagnosing the issue, it will get expensive.
  20. It’s exclusive that night though…..it’s not like anyone else could moor there.
  21. If the above two posts are to be taken as correct, then it points to something wrong with the installation of the starter, and/or a (partly) seized engine. Using the principles of checking what's easiest first, I'd suggest next step is to bar over the engine. (If you can't do this, or you don't know what a "normal" engine should feel like for resistance when its done, there is little value in yourself doing so). The other possibility - incorrect starter installation - has so many variables that its not worth going into them just yet (without sight of the engine it would be a guessing game).
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