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  1. Hi All. I have a Mk4 Midi Prima Thetford Spinflow oven, and have a problem with A) the fan blowing the flame out, and the Gas control knob shaft seems bent, sometimes you need pliers on it to turn it, others you don't. This may be a heat expansion thing, but gas scares the stuff out of me so I ain't taking it apart! I am trying to find a gas engineer/ Thetford Spinflow engineer near Tamworth who may be able to help, but they seem as rare as hens teeth, so if anyone knows of a mobile engineer, I would be very grateful. Cheers, Steve
  2. We are 3 months in, and absolutely loving it. Particularly like the look on colleagues and friends faces when they find out we live on a boat. Also, looking out this morning to see a kingfisher taking a fish 2' from the front of our boat, then sitting on our mooring rope to enjoy it! Regretting not doing it sooner.
  3. Just started a thread in Virtual pub on same topic, having not seen this. Doh! Most cutting question must have been when he was talking to Ken the Bruce this morning" Can you stand up on a narrowboat" What a complete **** (please fill in as you feel fit !)
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. Hi, saw your boat being built, i think we spoke while waiting for ours. No idea when we will get it yet, builders diary has more pages per month then ours ! Your boat looks even better in the water.
  6. All of a sudden i have an urge to volunteer for CRT!
  7. Hi. 2 absolute newbies would like to attend. Must point out we may be shiny boat owners by then, if the bloody thing is ever delivered. Be good to put faces to names (is there a badge identification scheme?) and especially to find out if the grumpy ones(you know who you are!) are like that in real life or just in the cyber world!
  8. 'Cos I drink a lot? No, truth is i misread the post, which was about cruiser sterns and tillers. Apologies for numtyness!
  9. Well. not sure what to do now. Our new 70' boat is a trad, but now i am worrying about the dangerous tiller. Oh well, i guess i better ride over on my 1200cc 130BHP motorcycle and have a word with the builder.!
  10. Cheers Keith. Most helpful! Not sure how I missed that in the first place Steve
  11. Well, according to my calender, although the boat builders seem to use a different diary, with sliding scale of dates!! Still, pleased so far, lets hope it floats! Question: Is there a fixed amount of fire safety devices for a 70' narrowboat? The best i can find id 3 x 1kg extinguishers and 1 x fire blanket. Apologies if this is out there somewhere, but i can find no definitive answers. Thanks in anticipation,
  12. Kindle fire HD does about everything, and plays HD movies through HDMI to TV. (and you can read books on it!)
  13. And I hope to(love living on it)!!!! Might be a while yet tho' [/url]">http://s239.photobucket.com/user/bodger_bucket/media/P1010004_zpscd53d65c.jpg.html][/url]
  14. bodger

    Hi there!

    We have at last sold the house, and waiting for the boat, around August. The one thing I would add is that we didn't think we were material people, until we moved in (temporarily! ) with son. It took a week of travelling to the skip, the people there now think I work there and have invited me to their Xmas dinner, and also have hired a 20' container for storage. BE AWARE!!
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