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  1. Why? your partner will hear everything you say, worse you will hear what they say! mumbles, mumbles.......
  2. 1 coat primer, any delays u need a temp gloss coat as most primers are porous and you may get rust under the paint. You can get a holding primer (google it) but I have no experience of it. 2 coats undercoat, 3 if you like 2 coats gloss Craftmaster for me with a bit of owatrol - 10-15% only, or PPA 5-10% both dependent on how the paint is behaving. Better still go on Phil Speights painting course, will save you time and money
  3. Thats a real bugger. I have a similar problem now with the engine being replaced, not much chance to get any heating in, cannot even get to the marina cos of the snow. I only hope that the part winterising I managed was enough, thankfully I have limited risk to just feed from calorifier and cold water tank. I pray its gonna be ok and promise never to leave it like this again. One engine change is more than enough! Thanks for sharing, it helps us all to think more carfully.
  4. I voted dump n pump but will be buying a porta as a back up. We bought our boat with no fuel and a full toilet, went from Eslow to Fennay Compton before we found a pump out open, never again.
  5. Chris Thanks for your advice, very much appreciated. Paul
  6. The shiny new engine is in (today) in the foul weather, photos on the blog www.canalblog23.blogspot.com
  7. My boat is at Mercia Marina but is avin the engine replaced so I have not bothered to go up, anyone there? and if so whats the marina like, iced up or ok? Tis a real bugger cos there is no heating on it and I a worried about the cold but I did part winterise it. I will go up Saturday cos I am snowed in at home, hopefully it will clear. Any piccies of Moorhen pontoon would be great. Hope you guys are all warm, cosy or imbibing in warming drink!
  8. Interesting thread, i use my boat for about 4 weeks and every other weekend in a year. Rest of the time it sits in a Marina. Is it fair that I pay the same/similar as more regular users/constant cruisers who I guess use the system far more and contribute to the repair and maintenance requirements more than I Not grumbling, the annual fee is ok, just making a point for friends to shoot me down/put me wise
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. Hi, Please don't see my post as pressure, never intended it to mean that. What I did mean was when you decide you have finished, let us know. It would be one hell of a cliff hanger if it all went quiet though! Discussion forum posts are sometimes shorter than they should be, forgot to add context! Regards Paul
  11. please do us all a favour, finish this and promise to post the ending. I am now considering taking my old engine to my garage to learn from, but tha would defo result in more parts left than re-fitted!. Excellent story, worthy of you being given a VW mark of perserverance! (from one who decided to buy a new engine) guilt? I have none!
  12. All, I have a 20 year old Lister Petter Alpha LPW4 to give away - no strings. It requires a new impeller for the water pump otherwise it works fine. Being removed in the next two weeks. Email/IM me if interested. Call and collect from Willington Mercia Marina. Paul nblola@hotmail.co.uk http://www.canalblog23.blogspot.com
  13. Obviously same idea, same place!
  14. Not off topic and I hope this encurages an answer to your question too. If I use a portable solution can I connect my home reciever and get the subscription channels?
  15. NB Lola

    Honda Eu20i

    I use the 20i, cost me 1,000. I tend to lock it using an alarmed cable, but to be honest we lock it away at night in the boat http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?PartnerID=79&ModelID=10869 We also use this if needed as security in case of being untied (happened only once so far - Banbury)
  16. Thanks for That! This is number 5, I trust my future posts will be more interesting!
  17. [#10226] You are not allowed to use the private messaging system. Any idea how I resolve his, same for the chat room too NB Lola
  18. All, Thanks for your help. I thought I would advise you of the decision made, a Canaline 42. The spec is here http://www.enginesplus.co.uk/docs/Canaline%20Brochure.pdf Build will be reported on my blog as and when www.canalblog23.blogspot.com Cheers NB Lola (was up sticks but the family rejected it in favour of lola!
  19. We use an eco fan and a maplins special. We do this because the ecofan is silent (as near dammit), this runs through the night (free wattage). Early mornings/shoreline/cruising time Mr Maplin operates. I agree that the ecofan is weak but at night its enough to get to the back of the boat, just. The last thing I want in the middle of the night is excessive heat (my preference) so our solution works well for us including the children who get the closest heat, I reckon is keeps em drowsy longer! (spelling edits)
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