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  1. Orca

    TV series

    'Floodtide' is also worth a look - that was meant to be a third Series of 'travelling Man' using the 'Lomax' character, but when Leigh Lawson withdrew, they re-jigged it, created a new character and put Phillip Sayer in instead. Enjoy anyway and let me know what you think of Travelling Man when you're done - I still religiously watch it once a year myself.. ..and for the OP, of the more modern fare Luther is definitely worth a look too, I believe that streams on Netflix.
  2. Orca

    TV series

    Forget what's currently trending - and get yourself a dvd of 'Travelling Man' from Network via EBay or Amazon. Great old series from the mid 80s with the canal network at its heart - and a really engaging story to boot..
  3. Deliver into that Tesco store at the end of the road a lot - always admire the buildings. Similar when I ran out of there direct for Electrolux/Zanussi some 18 years back. Railway significance is a given in my book..will be signing!
  4. Nah - just call Sabcat and his Class War buddies, they'll have Daesh running a mile when the realities of a REAL WAR set in and make the Class system redundant.. ?? And Hell, I might even loan him my Airsoft Mac 11 ???????
  5. Diode test function on a multi meter is a valid test imo. previously, over the last 6-7 years I have done a diode test every 3-6 months or so and got the 1.8(ish) volts Safe Shore specify for their product (with power disconnected). I have a Safe Shore 100gmi, which is the one with the integral dual status lights. I haven't checked it for around 6 months, but did so a couple of days ago after seeing both diodes were lit with shore power connected. Yelvertoft Marina since has had a wind turbine put in and I haven't even glanced at my GI since it went in , in late May. Faulty unit, leaky shore power or faulty boat nearby??? Have isolated every 240v ac bit of kit on the boat with shore power connected and still two lights. Could be dodgy lead I suppose, but that's reasonably new and I have no reason to suspect it. Diode test with shore power connected is 1.24 volts. With it disconnected is 1 on the meter(s). Prior tests with shore power disconnected over previous years were showing around 1.8 as per above, now just infinity......or 1
  6. Ive just tested my Safeshore GI with 2 different digital multimeters and it's continually reading 1 (as per Diode Test function on meter) with shoreline disconnected. Damn things shot I suspect, but is a good 8 years old, so probably time for a new one.
  7. I just got a Windows 10 loaded laptop, but downloaded the program that makes it XP user friendly. The initial days of the Internet (pre-new Socialism) when everything was linear and 'user exclusive ' will be remembered as the best, bit like the analogue days....
  8. Yep, I really regret selling my 1977 Ford Escort MK2 RS1800....
  9. It amazes me how many members of 'the old Working class' still hate Thatcher due to her destroying the Unions and 'the herd mentality' thereof ( usually translated into UKIP voters nowadays). Yet they forget she was also, largely, anti EU. I embrace the EU and welcome our new Eastern European 'working Class', Thatcher was wrong on that one, but for many reasons, user exclusive, right on others. Most EU migrants like being autonomous, hard workers without Union fist scuffling et Al, probably because they have more than 60% of their allegiances in their 'home country' (note the inverted commas) I've just had to work three 13 hour shifts on the hop, because there's no other idiot wanting to work nightshifts approaching or over the weekend. Tonight will be a minimum 12 I'd wager. Good stuff, even in 2005 post non-transitional controls it was no different. I've always enjoyed mopping up a living on the back of Mercenarillism....and it never seems to change. Most motorways are empty at 1am on a Sunday morning, yet it's a great drive for those who choose to do weekends on a tue/wed... ? ...and yes, I'll be voting to stay in, by more than a cat's whisker..
  10. Martin - there does appear to be a little bit of a 'whiff' of you on a 'Witch Hunt' for 'Southern Star'. Whilst I agree his UKIP tendencies have led him into 'questionable territory' in the past, I do think there was no prejudice as such here. Wanderer Vagabond has it bang on the nail..
  11. Good lord that chap - that's some weight, to do that to something with a block coefficient of around 0.85! Especially given the GMo of such...
  12. Even at 16'3" I've put a fair bit on today.....:
  13. I'm tired of that 'Sainsbury' woman on the auto checkouts asking me if I have 'swiped my Nectar card'!?!! I acquired it by legitimate means the cheeky cow... /:-)
  14. My favorite starter is a 'Great White', though I'm always wary of 'Hellraisers' wielding harpoon guns - especially on a 'Bumpo'.....you never know!!!!
  15. We have, but they realistically just constitute clutter. I don't need scales to know I'm obese or not. I'm blessed (or not) with a metabolism that can gain and drop weight very quickly, so I know when I feel right. I recently went on the Slimfast plan and did just that, only to gain it all back over a week or so. 15 stone back to 16+ is not entirely impossible with my metabolism in a week and I'm only talking a pub meal or two with a cheese board to follow....
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