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  1. keithbo

    The Price Of Old Windlasses

    Not very well up on different windlass's but yes I bought it but cannot remember where possibly at a boat rally somewhere in the midlands between 1973 and 1979 it weights 1.2 kilo and is the same internal dimensions with the same taper as another one I have which is steel and marked 6-67-1 on one side and JHSG1 on the other this is a double headed windlass bought about the same time. The only other place the brass one could have been bought was a canal chandlers in the middle of Birmingham cannot remember the name as getting on for 40/50 years ago now and the old grey cells are getting old. The brass one is approx. 7mm thickness across the head whereas the steel one is about 3.5 mm so the brass one is twice a thick as the steel one. The steel one weighs 916 gms so considerably lighter
  2. keithbo

    The Price Of Old Windlasses

    This particular one was bought prior to 1980 not sure of exact date somewhere between 1973 and 1979
  3. keithbo

    The Price Of Old Windlasses

    Yet another one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322895549432?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  4. keithbo


  5. keithbo

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Here is a photograph of Manchuria taken on the same day as Mecca a little further along the same stretch of canal mid 1970's north of Branston. Looking somewhat different than today
  6. keithbo

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Photographs of Mecca mid 1970's somewhere north of Braunston
  7. keithbo

    miscellaneous photographs

    I suspect that you were on your way to the IWA national rally at Lymm. My wife and I thumbed a lift with you some of the way. We should of attended on Mary of George and Mary fame but she wasn't completed she was moored at Burscough and I think Nigel fixed us up with a lift from you. Unfortunately it is a long time ago and I can remember very little of the event today. Keith
  8. keithbo

    miscellaneous photographs

    Hi Mike and Lawrence Thanks very much for your prompt replies Suspect this may be you Mike about the same year Keith
  9. I recently discovered these photographs I suspect they were taken early to mid 70's but don't know where or when. Any help with identification would be gratefully appreciated. This may be a clue as it is in the same batch Sorry for the poor quality of the photographs. Keith
  10. Attached is also a poor picture of Petrel & Moon moored at Braunston The following pictures were taken at Soulbury Three Locks where Helen was on here own with a group of Guides not sure of the exact date but mid 1970's Keith
  11. That would make sence as Puppis is the only boat that I cannot accout for on the photographs. All the other boats are ther Thanks. Keith
  12. I have come across a number of 35mm transparencies of the Union Canal Carriers fleet moored up at Braunston and am having problems copying them. One of the boats that has not been mentioned previously and I cann't find any trace of so am looking for help is a butty named "Crusader" she is moored up alongside Kimberley and painted with UCC name on the side. One other boat that I have been able to trace is "Hawksbury" also painted with UCC name on cabin side. Any help with this would be much appreciated. Sorry should have mentioned the pictures were taken about 1972/73. Keith
  13. I have come across two old photoghraphs taken I believe in the 70s at Leighton Buzzard. One of the boats in the centre is Lyra heavily loaded but I dont know the names of the other boats in the picture. I beleive to be Ashby canal transport. Any help much appreciated. Keith

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