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Jabsco water pump

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I'm considering doing away with the camshaft driven jabsco water pump (which has come to the end of its lollipop) i have on my Petter PJ2 and replacing it with an electric water pump. The engine is cooled via a skin tank.

Anyone tried this on a diesel engine? Any reason to think this might not work?

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Should work fine.   You will need to pick an electric pump which can produce the same maximum head and flow rate as the Jabsco, so it might be worth measuring the pump output pressure and flow rate ( time how long it takes to fill a bucket) in the current set up so that you know what to look for.  The electric pump will be constant output and will have to be able to push enough cooling water round for river work.  It will do this all the time so your engine is likely to be potentially overcooled at low powers and the thermostat will have to sort that out.

It would be a good idea to arrange the electrics so that the pump must be ON before the engine can be started and I would want an overtemp alarm in case the pump fails.


Might be easier to see if there is a repair kit for the Jabsco.


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I have a camshaft driven Jabsco on my Beta, doubtless a different model but maybe the same principal, started leaking a lot so with a bit of googling found a replacement bearing and seals, stopped the leak and is as good (and a hell of a lot cheaper) as new.

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I experimented with a Davies Craig electric pump and controller on my Lister JP3 a few years ago. The pump speed adapts based on the temperature sensed. It seemed to work fine, but I had other problems with the system that I'd cobbled together, so took it off. The electric pump was for the engine coolant with antifreeze, a normal pump did the river water through the heat exchanger.

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thank you for the informed replies, much appreciated. i was considering a Davis Craig pump or even a 12V Central Heating Laing.

Yes a part replacement kit would be good but unfortunately the model is now out of service and the grommet seal at the back of it that seals the unobtainable.

I have yet to find an alternative Jabsco that will fit the mounting, though not impossible to over come, expensive pass time i suspect.

Your comments have all been very useful

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