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filling small holes in fibreglass


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Hi everyone,

I am fixing the superstructure of my little grp boat and there are a few holes i want to fill. what would you recommend? They are all drill holes so all fairly small but would like block them up good and proper before painting her. Also some of the holes are from turbuttons that have been ripped out somehow and i would like to fill them with something that i can then get a screw into to hold properly. Not to take any great deal of weight but something that wont fall out if someone accidentally tugs on the canopy or whatever.

I dealy looking for some sort of fibreglass filler that i can just inject into the holes and smooth out and leave to dry. Is there a product you know of like this that you would recommend? I cant seem to find the right thing.


Thank you for all your help!





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As GG says Ispon 40 as this is the fibreglass bridging filler with fibres in it. lot stronger to screw into if need be.


Drill out the hole a little bigger then counter sink the hole/s  (both sides if you can) to get a good contatc surface, maybe a smakk repai but they mite just come loose if not done properly so all a waste of time.


Clean with acetone then fill the hole, once dry make the front good, if you need it thicker then just sand the back a little for greater depth the screw into.


Should do the job ;)

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