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Doxin 1500 watt inverter

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If you mean this one:



I have no experience of this product.


However, in view of the DC currents invoilved in supplying 1500 watts of 240V AC power(around 150 amps), I would not trust anything that uses those plastic binding posts for the DC connections. OK for loudspeakers, but rubbish for an inverter.


I won't even mention the lighter socket connector, or the croc clips...


IMHO the DC connections should be much further apart to prevent inadvertant shorts, and also they should be capable of being tightened up properly with a spanner.


Needless to say you will also need suitably sized DC cabling and proper ring terminals to attach to the DC inputs.


Edited to say that I would be very surprised if that unit was capable of supplying 1500 watts continuously. It may be able to do so for short periods.

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