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BCN Experts: Day Boat Identification Designs...

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I’m trying to work up a new colour scheme for our day boat, a scheme that will hopefully reflect many traditional BCN practices. I’m interested in learning a little more about decoration/designs used on the shoulders, or top strake, around the fore-end/stern of day boats.


I believe the designs were used to help steerers rapidly identify a company boat from amongst countless other day boats.

Companies would have had a particular and unique combination of crescents, circles and diamonds etc. to designate their boats.


Was a record or register of such designs kept? Or did steerers simply memorise particular designs as required?


More particularly still, would anyone know the design used on the Hickman fleet?





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Don't forget, many manual workers were illiterate, so the symbols were more valuable than words. The L&NWR had a white diamond on their goods rolling stock for that reason



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