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  3. maybe clocking in stations around the system
  4. Item starts about 6 mins in

  5. There is a flyover the Lichfield canal on their Facebook page.i think there are 2 pages one iyou have to join.They seem to have work parties Saturdays and Sundays at least and seem to be getting on well with it and the hatherstone one
  6. Go on sign it LOL It might work

  7. Warwickshire flyboat have a couple of interior pictures of this boat. Looks rather nice.
  8. They are i think illegal in the uk to carry around as they are a concealed weapon. we inherited one that belonged to our great grandfather, not good quality and the blade was about 3 inches long and slid from the handle and locked by a catch, to be honest the stick itself would be more effective than the blade bit. At least in the version we have.
  9. how silly can you get ?spend millions on a new libery and then reduce its opening times and reduce its staff LOL

  10. Computer still acting up so no pics as my phone will not talk to my kindle. and it is just giving me limited internet acesse. I visited my study area lasy thursday Plantsbrook Local Nature Reserve it is an old resivoire so mainly Lakes and crack willow trees. lots of coots and ducks around.As i had discoverd that it was one end of a wildlife corridor i decided to walk to the other end namley New hall valley 2 and a half miles away.a long walk after walking around the Plantsbrook reserve but...

  11. Computer on the blink so having to use kindle .spent hours trying to remedy it to no avail.

  12. I enjoyed watching that thank you.
  13. there appears to be something under the first painting or is that just an illusion of light
  14. oh well had to sign off as you cannot [do a level 3 course and sign on even if you are just signing for stamps. It seems though per temps want to ring me every 2 weeks to pretend they are doing something for me. why ? Still my mobile is switched off most of the time LOL

  15. the bombardment continues it seems some people do not know when to stop it seems

  16. i did read it and i agree to some extent but Lawence was only suggesting doing some of the carrying not the digging up and making good. It does sound more like they want to keep them on so that they can fill there volunteer quoter . That attendance is dwindling suggests that what is given is less than interesting to the people carrying it out,you volunteer usual because you find things interesting so it is failing at the first hurdle
  17. As part of the conservation course i am on i have to or rather it should help if i did join a conservation group. The nearest seems to be Plantsbrook , Lots of lakes and trees seems ideal. It seems to go quite along way in both directions now. so could be used for an off road track i suppose as well.

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