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Gloucester & Sharpness Canal


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9 hours ago, MoominPapa said:

Only bad thing to say about the G&S is that the towpath is all on the same side, the North or West, depending on the current direction. Being a wide canal, that means the moorings with shade are few and far between; the best you can do is find a bit of canal oriented north-south and get some shade in the afternoon.




There's one good tree right down at Sharpness on the junction.  We nabbed it on a crazy hot day and enjoyed it immensely.


Then we foolishly lit the BBQ and it rained for two days.  Dinner was finished off inside the boat!

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On 09/06/2021 at 15:45, Chewbacka said:

You do NOT want to be approaching Gloucester if there is a spring tide that is high enough to overtop the weir at Gloucester.  If in doubt give Gloucester lock a call before your trip to check if there are any ‘high’ tides.  From memory if high tide is more than 8.5m at Sharpness it will go over the weir.



p8_RiverSevern.jpg.f72f35550768a5915df642dd8884fc21.jpgYes, quite so. This is an article from a waterways magazine from one our trips in 2018:


'Some' pictures from the trip here There is a slideshow button in the menu (three vertical dots) dropdown, or clicking on one of the photos gives an (i) option which gives the times of the photos.


'Some' more pictures here from a more placid (non-tidal) trip from Worcester ten years earlier.


Have a good trip.

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