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Bow thruster reversing contactor

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Good day,


The control solenoid on Legacy's bow thruster is not well. It is bolted onto the side of the thruster motor. The negative post is sizzling and smoking whilst under load. The blue stuff on the negative post has been removed but operation has not been improved.

When operating the direction control from the steering position, the direction part of the solenoid can be heard operating but the motor does not operate.




The bow thruster is a BCS 85kgf model from about 2002 and so spares are like hen's teeth and contact to Twin Disc in Italy is not possible in the current circumstances.

Question, can I replace the reversing solenoid with a 450A version which are easily available for 12v DC winches. OK it states that they are good for 2,000 operations at 450A but if they are easy to get and to replace - that should last me more than a few years.


Something like this : https://temcoindustrial.com/temco-cn0238-winch-relay-450-amp-1qty.html


Thank you all.


Dave R

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On 20/11/2020 at 11:54, jonesthenuke said:

Look at Albright Ltd, they supply contractors for this application.




Thank you for this, what a wonderful Company and very helpful in finding what I need.

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