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Window identification and refurb help?

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Greetings knowledgeable ones...

I have a 1996 Evans and Son Trad, and it had a full repaint 8 years ago.

Due to personal circumstances, i have been unable to lavish much tlc and most of the windows need attention. Hopper windows, with a tilting top pane. 

Leaks and bubbling paintwork.I cant afford to replace them yet. 4 of the 7 badly need sorting.


I have already taken one out, thankfully it came out easily, with long ss screws going through the hull into the wooden frame behind. There was compressed neoprene gasket behind the frame, which brought off the rust and damaged paint. I sanded it to the metal, put rust treatment on it, and then a coat of 

Bonda Primer. I may then put on Craftmaster primer, a couple of layers of undercoat, and lightly fit them back temporarily this summer before removing them again for 2 topcoats within a couple of weeks. I cant do them all in one hit.


Two queries ....

1. Can anyone identify the maker - i need more of the sliding lock assemblies, and seals. ( Seals Direct will certainly have some, i know)


2. New 12mm x 3mm neoprene seems order of the day  -thats what seems to have been fitted-  surely i can restore with basecoats and refit the windows and not apply full pressure to the screws until after 2nd removal and topcoats?





Heres another pic .

Thanks in advance ....


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I have just replaced the bottom rubber on my similar windows. Material was supplied by a local boat yard and had a Channel Glazing label on it. It was a close match to the original. The other rubbers are 10mm wide X 3 mm thick closed cell self adhesive .

The catches are the sort of slide bolt used on old furniture, so try a search for antique cabinet bolts using images on Google. 

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