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Steve Day

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Website Name:  Working on Britain's Canals as a Marine Engineer
Website URL:  www.canallife.co.uk 
Website Description:


For the last forty years I have been a qualified mobile marine engineer/Electrician and boater, and have met some fantastic people on my travels.

The Canal Life website is aimed at boat owners, and would be boat owners  who haven't got the skills or experience  to undertake their own repairs but want to have a go
The main reason for the website was people kept asking me for advice and help,  as they felt that they were being ripped off or just did not know what to do.

And as an marine engineer the one thing that really wound me up was seeing people struggling and being charged for unnecessary work like £88.00 for a bog standard Lucas ignition key.


What I provide is, practical Hands on DIY sessions and online skype chats so boaters can gain  experience and confidence to take on any job on their boat.           For many boaters who don't want to or are unable to undertake repairs, I also undertake servicing, maintenance and callouts.


Any other comments:

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I would strongly advise anyone to avoid using Steve Day. I found him through this forum and unfortunately he has proven to be both unreliable and incompetent. We have paid him a substantial amount of money to remove and rebuild our engine. We are now over 3 months down the line and still do not have a working engine. He has failed to show numerous times. On his last visit (6 weeks ago) he claimed the job was completed and was paid in full. We have since found the engine is unusable. It's leaking diesel from allover, he ran electrical cables across the top of the engine, he cut through the wires for the oil pressure guage and left them.

He is now ignoring all contact from us and left us hundreds of pounds out of pocket. 

He has also taken payment from another boater further down from us and has failed to do any work for them.


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