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  1. Many solar controllers will protect themselves when the battery voltage is low, hence the red light indicating an "over discharged battery", the problem is without a multi-meter you can't determine if there is a fault with the battery or the solar controller. you don't say whether you have split charging or not, Regardless you need to find out why the battery reads low, is it a battery issue or is it a charging problem, if you have a shore mains supply disconnect the battery from the boats circuits and try to use a mains battery charger to re-charge the battery. for information on battery charging and other stuff check out https://www.canallife.co.uk/electrics.html it might be of use.
  2. Website Name: Working on Britain's Canals as a Marine EngineerWebsite URL: www.canallife.co.uk Website Description: For the last forty years I have been a qualified mobile marine engineer/Electrician and boater, and have met some fantastic people on my travels. The Canal Life website is aimed at boat owners, and would be boat owners who haven't got the skills or experience to undertake their own repairs but want to have a goThe main reason for the website was people kept asking me for advice and help, as they felt that they were being ripped off or just did not know what to do. And as an marine engineer the one thing that really wound me up was seeing people struggling and being charged for unnecessary work like £88.00 for a bog standard Lucas ignition key. What I provide is, practical Hands on DIY sessions and online skype chats so boaters can gain experience and confidence to take on any job on their boat. For many boaters who don't want to or are unable to undertake repairs, I also undertake servicing, maintenance and callouts. Any other comments:
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