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So it's been 8 good years as a cruising liveaboard on Valhalla, but everything comes to an end. My mind has turned to sailing (probably a Westerly on the Orwell somewhere), and my partner's to plumbing and it's near impossible to do both without bricks & mortar. 

Out boat is ..quite unique https://www.kateboats.co.uk/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/valhalla.pdf (with various improvements). Can anyone suggest a reputable broker? Or would a private sale be better? I was thinking the London market might be better (other than their desire for massive widebeams), as you get more than a few raised eyebrows crusing Valhalla through Braunston.

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25 minutes ago, oarfish said:

Can anyone suggest a reputable broker?

Yep: ABNB at Crick. Others are a available, and other recommendations will be along shortly I'm sure, but you're now off the mark with one with which many here will agree.


Having seen Valhalla somewhere out on our travels, maybe you should advertise it somewhere those Mad Max style desert warriors will see your ad!  ;)


She's certainly a memorable boat - good luck with your sale, sail and drains! :)


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