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Remove ejector JS3M

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Can someone please explain the best way to remove all three of my ejectors from my engine so that I can get them checked over due to one of them is leaking a little fuel

thank you 

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Use the compression pressure to loosen them. 

Loosen, but do not remove the injector  securing nuts.  Set the speed control to STOP and the decompressors to the running position then turn the engine over by starter motor.  Alternatively rotate by hand with decompressors in  then drop one of the decompressors out.

If that does not do it, get a slide hammer on them after removing the setting cap.



If you feel really brave, loosen the injector securing nuts a little and start the engine.  Let it run till all the injectors are loose. Not recommended ?


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Before you do, check where the leak is coming from. If the injector cap is loose it's OK to tighten it up. The other likely source is the spill rail where it is screwed onto the injector. 



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