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  1. on my BSS done by Iain his mobile number is 07860 119476
  2. What's on your mind?

  3. Maybe but your getting there by the minute
  4. Hi traditional old fart meet just an old fart
  5. Being new to all this boating thought they were called rubbing strakes Les
  6. I think convex square edge is what your'e looking for, I use it for handrail on spirol staircases and balcony rails etc The only thing is I've looked through the stockholders book and the only sizes in there are 2"x1/2" and 1.1/2"x1/2" Hope this helps Les
  7. If you,re anywhere near Burton on Trent at anytime i can silver solder them for you les
  8. Has your monkey lost something
  9. Try steel stockholders most of them can get aluminium sections,box,tube,channel etc there's quite a few in the west mids
  10. enjoying another bottle of newkie broon (hic) day off tommorrow
  11. Started my working life on B R more steam than diesel in those days. Could get nearly everywhere by train. happy days
  12. I was thinking more Suez or Panama.
  13. Why has her canal got waves
  14. Having fished the Eastcoast from Hartlepool to Grimsby the only advice is respect the sea.it's only when you take it for granted it bites!
  15. In my experience as a seafisherman personally only been sick once due to a hangover but iv'e seen grown men lying in the bottom of the boat crying (i want me mam) even after taking seasick pills but point taken
  16. Thats the funniest thing iv'e seen for ages
  17. Dont go telling her that it'll put me back to sqare one
  18. You trying to tell me something
  19. Off down the pub to have some
  20. Lets not push our luck to far just yet
  21. Had a few heated discussions but i think i'm winning
  22. The boss thinks you can get seasick on the canal
  23. Talking of spirit i think it's time for a drop of malt cheers
  24. Thought about it the boat it is
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