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  1. eddieb


    For anyone who might be interested ,just seen marine engines on bidspotter.co.uk might be of use to someone
  2. eddieb


  3. Has anyone got any info on these? Usage etc reliability, tune ability
  4. Good vid, what is the app you are using if you dont mind me asking?
  5. With a lined additions you don't need to know wire sizes,all wiring is in place as is a lot of the plumbing
  6. We recently picked up our lined additions boat from Chris @ Lymm and are absolutely delighted . Chris and his team are so helpful nothing was to much trouble. we will be retiring on it next May and at the moment are enjoying the fitting out. What I would say is really look at where you want everything but you have plenty of time to decide that and Chris/Steve/mike will go through it with you. We printed some really good plans from pontoon fit out website it helped loads. You could spend 50,000 and still not be happy but with a lined additions what is left to do isn't really that much or if you want it fully fitted have a look at the fully fitted ones at lymm. It really does depend on how hands on you want to and how much money you want to put in !!! One example my wife fitted 24 lights on a 60 ft boat in 30 minutes, so not that difficult .Whatever you decide Good Luck!!!
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