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  1. We did the Erewash last year and had a great few days. Really enjoyed it and Langley Mill basin at the top is great with very a friendly bunch who welcomed us. Have a look at my blog there's some pix on that. We also moored in Sandiacre and no problems what so ever. Erewash reminded me of part of the Coventry - very varied and always interesting.
  2. i couldn't do the link either can some explain how to.... ? thanks
  3. Thanks, this is the first year I've decided to drain the tank. I had a problem last year with water/ice in the boiler and had to replace some damaged elements.
  4. I emptied my water tank back in early November... I'm thinking about re-filling it next weekend as it's a pain having no water on the boat. Considering the weather we've been having is it too early?
  5. kegworth shallow flood lock was in use 5pm today... river looks a little high but not in flood.
  6. go away for the day and you miss the party.... crickey i'm glad i did as this seems to have gone round in circles at times. anyway i've made my decision.. i'm getting myself some this weekend. i think sileby mill in leic is my closet stockist being moored at sawley? thanks to phil for his contribution.. among others!
  7. My paintwork is looking a little dull after the winter and I've been told this will do the trick, however at £18 a bottle it seems rather expensive. Is there any cheaper alternatives or should I go for this?
  8. Clicky I used these from B&Q... they're not cheap at £15 each however I only needed 3. They work a treat.
  9. The Honda outboard on the back was always pretty frugal... so it seems like a lot of expense for very little forward. He showed me the electric powered prop which he'd already bought for £150 and tried out.
  10. I've just run into the chap who's bought my first boat, we sold her on a couple few years back. He's in the process of putting an electric powered prop on the back. Will this power a waterbug over a long distance, his idea is to top up the battery via a solar panel. If this does work why aren't more people doing it?
  11. Sawley Marina Leic 9am Sunday 10th
  12. Report on boats 'iced in' and life on the East Midlands canals during the cold spell on the Aleena Naylor show tomorrow 10 - 1. Thought it may be of interest! Listen on the web: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/playlive/bbc_radio_derby/
  13. That's a great tip..! when i emptied the tank there appeared to be some rust in the last bit of water that came out. Anyone repainted the inside of thier tank?
  14. approx 5 inches is the measurement at the bow. length is 30ft.
  15. Would the length of the boat also make a difference then.. the shorter the boat the bigger the rise and fall?
  16. OK I understand the law of buoyancy. However I was really surprised at how much my narrowboat dips at the back and rises at the front when all the water was emptied from my tank, 5 inches or so. It look a good hour plus to empty and it's the first time I've done it on this boat. Am I getting slightly paranoid after reading about boats sinking!!?!!
  17. You may or maynot know the answer to this.. however, do you have to earth a generator if it's running on your boat. By this I mean running a wire from the earth to the bank?
  18. Why don't you run your gennie on the boat? For petrol, petrol vapour reasons or is it to do with earthing the generator?
  19. Has anyone ever had their generator stolen off the boat? Obviously I'd lock it down with a chain, however do you cover it up out of view when not in use?
  20. Thanks for the tip... I know there is one as I've seen them a while back before I bought my generator. From memory it has flaps on the front and back which you prop open to avoid over heating and it appeared to be made from canvas. I just can't find them on the net...?
  21. Anyone know where I can get a rain cover for this gennie for when it's in use? I've had a look on the net and all the covers appear to be used for storage. I know they're shower proof!! Thanks in advance.
  22. Thought this might be of interest. 'Inside Out' is reporting the lastest work/plans on The Ashby, The Derby and The Grantham Canal Monday 9th Oct 7.30pm BBC1. If you're out of the region you watch on SKY BBC1 East Midlands.
  23. what's ethylene glycol... a cleaning liquid? and what not?
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