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  1. Also have the same unit, check the mac address filter settings under the advanced/security section of the routers web page. If the filter is set to allow thenmac address of the TV needs to be added
  2. Depends if you wish to tether other devices to your mobile to use your data allowance eg tablet, laptop etc. GiffGaff allowed it when I used their service, currently useing Plusnet mobile on EE which allows tethering.
  3. Hi All Not sure if this is a problem with the board or my isp/computer but for the past few days when clicking on topic titles the browser is returning the try again as unable to open link screen. This is happening in firefox and IE. This is not happening all of the time but when it does after trying the same link a few more times the page will normally load. Thanks Charles
  4. Must have been lucky as only had one email. Decided to purchase some christmas cards only to find after entering delivery details that their new IWA Shop did not work. Although I did get an email today saying sorry for the problem in ordering and to ring them if I wished to place the order. Charles
  5. Still undecided as to what route to take, will watch the forums here and see what everyone are saying about the four counties closer to the time. Would love to do the four counties this time but if there is going to be lots of hold us I dont fancy running till almost dark each day just to reach base on time on the last morning. I know in the past we have seen a few boats running well into the dark just to get back onto Tixall on the last evening. Will make the final choice when we collect the boat I guess and have a few alternate routes planned from canalplan. Other than froghall is there any other suggestions as to out and back routes for a week? Have done Market Drayton route a couple of times so other ideas most welome. Thanks Charles
  6. Hello Earlier in the year we were planning to do the four counties ring from Great Haywood having a week hire from Anglo Welsh at the end of June, but now with the restrictions in the Birmingham area, we are now thinking this will make the four counties even busier than first thought. I know there was a suggestion of going to froghall on my previous post which we are considering, just wondering if anyone has other suggestions on destinations we can achieve crusing approx 10 hours a day. Will be a crew of three with one being on the canals for the first time. Woul love some suggestions of nice moorings for overnight stops if we go for froghall. Many Thanks Charles
  7. Thanks for the suggestions so far. Tiny- only two crew so will be a busy week. Will be heading off last Saturday in June so will not be out when the schools are on holiday, but I would assume it will still be busy as looking at available boats for booking around that time there does not seem to much left already. Charles
  8. Now planning our next canal holiday of a week for late june or early July this year. We will be setting off from Great Haywood and plan on cruising the four conties ring anticlockwise, we did originally plan to do this route back on May 2009 but the weather forecast was rather bad once we reached Market Drayton, then we intended to do the ring in October 2009 but not possible due to the breach at Shebdon embankment. I have been on canal plan and am now looking for recommended over night mooring spots, and any that should be avoided. Think we will do a few few longer days at the start of the week, then maybe chill out with shorter days etc. Your ideas would be great. Thanks Charles
  9. Hi All Thanks for the opinions you have all expressed. The route we are considering according to Canalplan would take us from Napton Marina to Fazely and back. According to the planner there will be 36 locks in total corvering 99.33 miles. This will take us on the following canals. Grand Union Canal (Oxford Canal Section) Oxford Canal (Northern Section) Coventry Canal (Main Line - Hawkesbury to Fazeley) Looking to travel about 3 hours on the first day assuming we collect around 3pm then having the neccesary instruction from the boat yard etc. We would like to be at polesworth first thing Tuesday morning do you think this is realistic ? What would you recommend as suitable overnight stopping places as it would be nice to have a good pub meal and a few drinks each evening if possible. Regards Charles
  10. Well you have guessed correct, the other crew member is a little on the short side at 5'1". We just want to relax and prefer the idea of an out and back, at least this way if we fancy a slow day it won't be too much of a problem. As we do not know how busy the canals will be in the area we would rather not commit to a ring route until we both feel more confidant at sharing all the work. Seeing as the other member will have just left her current job due to it relocating to china we really do just want a relaxing carefree break. Thanks for all the info so far, and can anyone recommend places we should make a point of seeing or avoiding. Charles
  11. I am a little nervous about doing a ring as it is just me and the wife. Having only been on the canals once so far. The other half found steering rather daunting as she does not even drive a car. Last year for the first few days I ended up steering and operating the locks, although half way through the week we did manage with me doing the steering into locks and either filling or emptying them and the other half closing up after. Just looking to have a real switch off time and relax. Thanks for the info. Charles
  12. Hi All We have just booked a weeks hire from Black Prince operating from Napton for the first week in July 2007. Have been looking at Canalplan and have been thinking of going from Napton to Fazeley Junction and back. This is only our second narrow boat holiday, the first being last year with Anglowelsh out of Great Haywood. Does anyone have any thoughts and ideas on our intentions, such as best places to stop overnight for say a pub etc and if there are any places we should avoid stopping. Hoping it wont be too busy with the kids still in school. We did originally intend to go at the beginning of June but due to work commitments that was not possible. Thanks Charles
  13. thanks for the reply Steve I have gone ahead and booked for june next year
  14. Just wondering if anyone has any information on countrywide cruisers based at Brewood. We are thinking of hireing from them next year. We Hired for the first time this year from Anglo-welsh and had a great time, except for the wet weather for the first 2 full days but the rest of the week was very good. This was at the beginning of may. Next year we are looking at the start of June so fingers crossed for a dry week. I do like the idea of the price you see is the price you pay with countrywide. Charles
  15. Sounds interesting, but would that be too ambitious for us being first timers??
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