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  1. That's exactly what happened . The River rescue guy met us at Morrisons , cleared the prop and we headed off to the rose of lancaster
  2. No ,he wasn't going equipped . He had spoken to the people on the other boat and they told him what the problem was, then he went home to get the hacksaw. Sorry I didn't fully explain.
  3. Yesterday we left Manchester Piccadilly Basin and headed for The Rose Of Lancaster, several times on the way I had to get down the weed hatch to remove plastic bags and various items of clothing. Then I got to lock 66, which I think was the lock where a boat had some problems with youths a week or so ago, and my engine stopped instantly. I went down the hatch again only to find a blue nylon rope and some kind of material had completely wrapped itself around the prop . After about half an hour of trying to get this stuff off, a young guy on a bike approached me with a junior hacksaw and asked if it would be useful, I thanked him and said I'd give it a try. He then took off saying he hoped it would help and to hang onto it. I gave it a try but I was really struggling to get anywhere. I decided to ring Canal and River Rescue and put the kettle on. After a while I rang them back and the engineer was still on another job and they couldn't say how long he would be. It was decided to pull the boat into the next lock and tie up to the boat we were travelling with. On pulling the boat, I became grounded and couldn't move, we didn't want to risk the other boat getting grounded by backing out of the lock and at this point three young lads who were fishing saw me struggling with the rope and asked if they could help. They grabbed the front rope and back ropes with me on the centre rope and between us we managed to get the boat free and into the lock. I would like to say to anyone who is contemplating this journey, the amount of rubbish in the canal from Manchester to The Rose of Lancaster is ridiculous however the locals were very friendly and very helpful.
  4. Salt house dock in Liverpool . Beautiful
  5. Gyptian


  6. Gyptian


    The brown square at the back was an upright piano
  7. Gyptian


    How about this bad boy !
  8. The build up of silt at the point where the Brent enters the canal can be a nightmare, but if they've dredged it it's easy to wind there. If you head towards Brentford I have managed to wind my 56 ft boat under the bridge that carries the Piccadilly line
  9. Thanks mross I heard it a couple of times during the night but thought it was coming from outside. Finally got up at 6.30 realising it was in the boat
  10. Thanks for all your replies , I've just got my head out of the bilge and the water around the pump was indeed oily/greasy. The floatswitch was a red plastic piece attached to the side of the pump. Rather than dismantling it I got a bucket of water and an old paint brush and gave it a good clean , also cleaned out the sump. I recently had the engine serviced and that could account for the oily water ,anyway I've put it back in its place and it's now working fine. Thanks for all your help. Dennis
  11. Wow thank you both for getting back so quickly . It is automatic and I have switched it off. I will isolate the electrics and have a look and see if I can identify the float switch .Maybei will be able to see if it's stuck.
  12. Morning all. Woke up this morning to a strange constant sound on the boat. Tracked it down to the engine area under the floor, and realised it was the sump pump. Feelings of dread now washed over me as I quickly removed the flooring , fearing the worst. But there was no water . Thankfully . But the pump wouldn't turn off. Any suggestions as to what to do would be gratefully received. Dennis
  13. Thanks all for your advice ,the 72hr limit at Aspley will be perfect
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