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  1. Assuming identical boats both engines will use the same amount of fuel, it takes a certain amount of fuel to propel those two identical boats at a set speed despite one engine revving more. The faster you go the more drag encountered so the higher the consumption, same as a car.
  2. Can't recall where they were but I have steered through a few gates with steel edges, our rubbing strakes scraping metal. I suppose it could have been the outer edge which contacts the boat but doesn't form part of the seal?
  3. Inverter losses depend on it's efficiency, our Victron is 94% efficient, as good as it gets, so 100 divided by 94 (or whatever efficiency you have) multiplied by your ah consumption.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. Don't forget there is nothing special about 50% discharge, it's really just a last chance base line, i.e. 51% SoC is really hardly better than 49% SoC, so it's wrong to say 50% is good but 49% is wrong. 60% is better, 70% is better still and so on.
  6. With his Victron he can do that anyway just by fitting a large alternator.
  7. The daft thing is some do have steel angle. Trouble is the evolution has ground to a halt.
  8. Some gates are tight and difficult to avoid rubbing especially if it's windy, but the thing is lots will do it anyway so why can't BW fix a short length of steel angle to cover this vital area, it would save a lot of maintenance for a small outlay and effort. Seems a no brainer to me.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. Yes that is a recent report, the one I read was 10 or 15 years ago IIRC, much the same except for the anthrax theory.
  12. Many years ago I read an article by someone who gave a good case for it being anthrax, this was based on the fact that it spread faster in the winter when rats were least active, also reports and fears that it could be easily caught from dead bodies, apparently bubonic plague doesn't behave like this. At one point it was spreading at the rate of a mile per day which suggests it was air borne and anthrax is spread by spores. ETA: Some cases of Weils have been reported in the US caused by rats urine on the top of stored beer cans, so wash the tops before you drink.
  13. Many years ago welded steel plate fabrication replaced forged steel suspension parts on cars and has proved more than adequate, after all boat hulls are made this way. Correctly designed and constructed with proper bracing it's an ideal construction method.
  14. We have found one plus side to a large batt bank and that is the ability to keep supplying a reasonable voltage even though they are on their last legs, whereas the voltage on a small bank would collapse sooner and require earlier replacement. Whether this is more cost effective in the long run I wouldn't like to guess.
  15. For our Victron 24v 3kva inverter the manufacturers recommend between 200 and 700ah of batteries as an optimum, this relates to between 4 and 6 batteries at 110ah each, same for 12v. We have 8 of these which gives us extra handy capacity, remember increasing your battery bank size by whatever percentage results in an increase of ah capacity that exceeds that percentage.
  16. When we were ccing our solution was to bulk charge for an hour daily with the main engine when batts were new and gradually increase to two hours bulk/absorption daily as batts age and do an extra 8 hr absorption every week or so with a digital genny, most of the time it's on tickover and out in the sticks so no bother to anyone. 8 hr absorption uses 1.9 lts of petrol. Batts last a reasonable time so we reckon this is the most cost effective method, Kipor genny is cheap to replace but having said that it's already 4 years old and still going strong. We have a fridge and run TV 6hrs or so, our consumption is 1.5 kwh per day and 2kwh if the washing machine is used on a hot wash.
  17. Don't know if they are still available but Easylass has a choice of 1:1 or 1:5? reduction, apologies for the picture quality but it's all I have. Otherwise LockMaster do an extendable and reversible ratchet jobby.
  18. Knocked it up myself from one of those 4 section folding ladders, cut one section off and screw three tread plates on top, drill a hole through the ladder base plate to pin to boat, best if you have a cruiser deck as you can fix a skin fitting into the side deck. Get a (stainless) pin turned up at an engineers to slide through plank and skin fitting, I have cross drilled the bottom of this pin for a spring pin to prevent plank see-sawing off the boat, then a hole through the tread plate on the other end for mooring pin to go through. Some sort of hook at the bank end for a line to hook onto for drawbridge style lowering is handy. Also I have fixed a piece of polypropylene to the side deck to prevent metal to metal grinding. A
  19. Gibbo will the shunt have the same dimensions as a standard 500a shunt for ease of replacement?
  20. Lasts us several days, quite deceiving the amount they hold and they do a larger version + being rectangular they take up much less space, found ours really practical.
  21. We use Fabsil been fine so far, they do a Fabsil Gold version, never tried it so can't comment.
  22. If prop diameter is reduced then the correct thing to do is increase blade area, any blade area lost needs to be replaced somewhere and either wider blades or a 4 blade prop is the way to go. If you want a 16 incher then I suggest going to Crowthers and ask them to calculate one for you (I do believe though that now they won't give full details unless you order a prop from them) You might have to have one manufactured to get the correct size but IMO it's worth the expense to get it right first time.
  23. One very windy day near the bottom of Hurlestone locks we had a nb approaching at top speed, massive bow wave caused havoc with ours and another boat, when I asked him to slow down he replied in a very exasperated voice (we were probably the umpteenth ones to complain) that he had no choice with the wind, don't think he understood the principle of crabbing in side winds and I didn't have the chance to explain. I am sure many steerers think more speed is the standard procedure in cross winds rather than crabbing as a first solution
  24. We had no probs using OE before we switched to Chrome, last week Halfords used OE on our netbook with our 3 dongle to set up a satnav, was just straightforward.
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