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  1. On second thoughts I think maybe about even distribution above and below waterline. I estimate just over half of weight above WL with an empty ballasted nb (22-23" draught) Fuel tank contents will be mostly above WL and full water tank will be about 50/50 so that leaves fittings and engine which will leave just over half below WL? ETA: We have 3mm cabin sides and roof and notice a marked difference in stability when stepping a board a 4mm cabin, I reckon we save about 7cwt with 3mm cabin. Shouldn't this thread be in the unSTABLE BAR?
  2. It would be ok if it was an aluminium hull, regularly blacking a holding tank doesn't fill me with enthusiasm. Many boats have a HT made from mild steel with an 'inspection' hatch. Hatch is supposed to enable blacking but how it would be properly cleaned prior to this is beyond me.
  3. Ignoring any ingress of water and just considering the stability. Imagine an average modern nb on it's side with the baseplate vertical, most of the weight would be in the baseplate and ballast and assuming ballast is secure then the boat would regain it's normal attitude. It would take a lot of stuff on the roof to overcome this, very unlikely IMO.
  4. Although it can take 24 hours or more for charge rate to bottom out, when charge rate has reduced to 2% of batt capacity it is considered fully charged but I believe Smartgauge works on 0.5%. So I would say 2% is a practical figure for day to day use but 0.5% or less indicates a true full charge. Of course as battery capacity is constantly reducing trying to guess it is a bit of a shot in the dark anyway. We have roughly 40-50% of original capacity of 960ah left and we do an occasional 8hr absorption which reduces to about 5amp which is about 1% though if we leave it on shorepower with the Victron for a few days it can go as low as 0.2 amp. ETA: Best leave it to Smartgauge.
  5. But only with a ball, not someone's head...
  6. Realizing that our last bottle of gas was nearly empty and we were a day away from a new one
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. Lead provided valve lubrication, similar to derv losing lubrication with the introduction of ULSD, engine manufactures are using non stick surfaces in fuel pumps to help combat a lack of lubricant, 2 stroke has to be a benefit for that reason alone. Personally I wouldn't like to run an engine long term on ULSD alone.
  10. Some actually live on and cc with their boat full time rather than float around occasionally in a plastic plaything and recover in a land based home with modern appliances. The latter of which we are doing at the mo but without a plastic plaything. We have eight batteries :)
  11. We start of with a thinned down coat to maximise penetration and provide a key for the next coat.
  12. To be really successful it needs to be 100 gall or more otherwise you might as well have cassette. Ours is 130 gall and from what I can gather there are plenty around that size or even bigger.
  13. It's the herd mentality. Been around since the dawn of man, the ones who survived were those that ganged up to beat their predators, we owe our existence to that trend. When we had beaten our predators we were programmed to look for more things to fight against so we fought each other and the technology of warfare developed that eventually lead to global conflict. We are now in the position of needing to eradicate this instinct but it is in our genetic make up so maybe we need to somehow try and genetically engineer it out. Some may have survived without this method and could explain the 'loner' type who avoids large groups. Until then all we can do is try to understand it and hopefully as individuals make an effort to avoid that behaviour
  14. Just caught up with this thread. My point about the possibility of ccers being prosecuted is that HMRC won't have to prove an incorrect split was declared as this is very difficult for them to do. They will do it on the principle that they have broken the clearly stated rule that ccers cannot claim 100% tax free, they won't go for the ones who have made the odd claim or two, (we inadvertently declared 100% just the once) but they will look for the worst case abuse of 100% claims and use that as an example of their ability to prosecute those who have broken that particular rule. I have met ccers who have bought fuel at 100% claiming that as the supplier only does 100% then it's ok, i.e. it's not my problem, also arguing the finer points and reasoning that that is good enough to fend off HMRC. I suspect there are quite a number of naive and easy targets out there to pick from
  15. If the scale is above water level then it's unlikely to come off if it's protected, most canal boats are blacked and painted over scale and it's only below the waterline that problems arise.
  16. While in Bradford on Avon go to the bakers down the road and buy some teacakes, they are the worlds best, so good that you have to get there quite early to get any from the ones that haven't been put aside for locals. Don't skimp on the butter.
  17. As for the summer of '76 my sister was visiting the UK from South Africa then and she was so disappointed that Britain wasn't green! everywhere she looked it was brown, she said as it looked just the same she might just as well have stayed in SA. People forget just how serious it was then.
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  19. Don't worry your turn will come one day. Go on then, leave, unless it's an empty threat.
  20. The Honda and Kipor give 1600 watt continuous output so they seem almost ideal.
  21. We are really trying to help here, you were given two options by Gibbo, either read up on what is a complicated subject or if that is too complicated come back for a recommended electrician as there is no middle ground, but you appeared not to follow that advice and instead got tangled up in a lot of bother. I suspect you're not the only one who's wick is being got on. The mods may close this thread I don't know but they won't get involved with any of these so called trolls because there aren't any, everyone has a genuine desire to help, if you see it differently then you are entitled to your view.
  22. We tried various gennies with our Victron 3kva and with the exception of a Clarke 650 watt which the Victron accepted for 30 seconds the only gennies that were accepted were the the ones with over a genuine 1 kva output, tried with waveform check on and off and tried adjusting the shore power limit with the remote panel but it made no difference. We later tried a boaters Honda 2kva digital which worked ok so we bought a cheap Kipor copy and this has worked ok for the last 4 years. I reckon yours will work ok with a cheapo so long as it is big enough, Victron recommend a min of 1 kva input and I suspect that the cheaper the genny and therefore the dirtier the waveform the bigger the genny needs to be to compensate, Gibbo does that last bit sound right?
  23. Lewis asked for advice and the advice started coming in from various posters including DeanS, it appears to me that Lewis then found Dean's advice more attractive because it seemed simpler and easier and probably cheaper, to be fair to Dean he did warn that without earthing it would not trip if a fault occurred. Unfortunately as with most simple solutions it's not quite as simple as it first looks and instead of Lewis taking Gibbo's advice and reading his website and coming back for a recommended electrician if things were too difficult for him to understand he still asked questions and the posts started to come in pointing out various problems and answering Lewis's questions, things just gradually escalated from there. Lewis was looking for a simple answer but unfortunately that is a very rare thing. FWIW that's how I see it
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