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  1. All I'm saying is I don't know what it sounds or feels like to hit someone on a bike, god forbid that I ever would, I have hit wildlife but always seen it coming, I just can't say for an absolute certainty that I would know I had hit a cyclist if I didn't see them for some reason. That's all, just trying not to automatically jump to the attack of the driver when it is all based on supposition. Am I the only one to think this?
  2. You're entitled to your opinion about me, but actually if you read my posts properly you will see that I am responding to other posters remarks, am I not allowed to respond in a reasonable manner? You are responding in an illogical and emotional manner, you say this is an offensive theme, then on that basis surely subjects such as these should be banned from an open forum.
  3. I agree, since fitting a new flexibly mounted engine complete with a Python Drive over 3k engine hours ago we never need to adjust our stern gland and never a drop of water.
  4. 1) Well first of you are making an assumption. 2) I fully realize that a man died and have the utmost sympathy for his relatives, it really is a tragedy. 3) If you had the intelligence to read and understand my posts you would realise that I am not defending anyone (or accusing) just pointing the logic of the situation. 4) You are being unreal and pathetic descending into emotional ranting. 5) Calm down use the grey stuff between your ears. What exactly is a troll.
  5. When I was in the fire service we operated on a frequency that could be received on ordinary domestic VHF radios, very handy if for instance someone out on hydrant checking parked up on his drive say, and have a skive indoors and listen out on his stereo in case he was needed. Purely hypothetical of course. We had one bloke who used to come back to the station with his lap covered in cat hairs, came from 'Soot' his cat
  6. At 1400 rpm that would probably be just under half max output i.e. about 16 bhp.
  7. I don't know how loud a collision would be that flings a cyclist 50' and I doubt you do. You're still making assumptions.
  8. You have the later model to us, we don't have that option though we do have the add on dial to select a limit on incoming amps for power assist.
  9. But you are making the assumption that he knew he had hit a cyclist, why would he "very well know he'd hit someone"? just because he'd stopped to inspect any damage 200m further on? If indeed he did think he'd only hit some road furniture there might not be any immediate urgency and he stopped when he though it was safe to do so. If I thought I had hit something inanimate I probably would stop when it was safe to do so, if I thought I had hit someone I would stop immediately, there is a difference between the two.
  10. Yes it does seem that way.
  11. Perhaps that is at full load for those revs?
  12. It is an inverter genny, we have a cheap Kipor inverter genny with is supposedly PSW, I'm not sure just how pure but it runs w/m etc, but then neither is a Victron or any other inverter really PSW, but it gets close enough to be usable.
  13. [quote name='BelgiumBrit' timestamp='1309976765' post='714618' This is a very sad tale, and to suggest that 'maybe' the cyclist was in 'someway at fault' is very unfair. The driver was convicted of causing his death due to the manner of his own driving. That should be accepted. I wasn't suggesting the cyclist was at fault just trying to illustrate how there are unlimited possibilities and that lots of assumptions based on unqualified judgements have been made, trying to ascertain the exact level of guilt is impossible without witnesses but a reasonable assessment was probably reached based on evidence, people stating that he should have had a long prison sentence etc etc is just an emotional knee jerk reaction based purely on assumptions.
  14. Victron will mimic the genny waveform which should be PSW anyway.
  15. Aquadrive or PythonDrive cures this situation, thrust bearing and twin CV joints neatly contained in a short length.
  16. You may have problems getting your Victron to accept your genny, our 3kva Multiplus and others I have witnessed requires 1kva minimum and nearly all 1kva gennies churn out less than that, we had to go to 2kva to achieve a true 1kva. Hope you achieve it but just be warned to avoid any confusion and disappointment.
  17. But you're assuming he was aware that he had hit a cyclist, he may or may not have been, you or I simply don't know. If he drove by later and wasn't aware that he had hit anybody why would he stop? We just don't know How many times do we all lose concentration for a short while, if it doesn't result in an incident then we don't realise we lost concentration, on that basis should all of us stay at home. You're just making assumptions.
  18. Batts take 24 hrs or more to reach true full charge, 8 hrs or more to reach nominal full charge, this applies no matter how large your alternator or how many the amps going in. You either have to recharge daily for 8 hrs or more or do a daily charge to replace your daily usage, say 2 hrs, and a long 8+ hr equalising charge weekly. The spacing of these equalising charges will dictate the life of your batts. It's one big sliding scale between battery life and diesel consumption, no definite formula just down to judgement depending on amount of cruising at different times.
  19. The police have 'claimed' he was in the lane, they don't know any more than us. I don't know if that's possible, it could be. Lots of possibilities, you have mentioned just two of them, perhaps he did have some sort of blackout, maybe he was distracted and didn't see him, maybe he fell asleep, maybe he did it deliberately, maybe the cyclist swerved just when the driver was distracted, all possibilities and we could go on all day but the fact is no there were no witnesses.
  20. The simple fact is none of us know the circumstances of what actually happened, it's all conjecture, nothing definite.
  21. That's possible but we can't know that for certain.
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